ParaNorman A ghost story with a heartwarming, zombie twist!

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“We didn’t understand,” he said. “She didn’t behave like the rest of us. We thought her difference made her dangerous. We thought it made her powerful.”  pg. 185, ParaNorman

And so they killed her. It’s the infamous town legend in Blithe Hollow, a quaint New England town, known for a steady history of witch hunts and hangings.

But ParaNorman is not just another re-telling of ludicrous witch-trials. It’s a  paranormal, zombie apocalypse, complete with haunted toilets, moth-infested teddy bears (we’re talking true horror film style), and well-placed, ghostly sarcasm.

Norman’s only friends are the dead. And the whole town thinks he’s got more than one loose screw in his head.

But Norman doesn’t care. The dead are kinder to him than the living – and at least he can make himself useful to them: passing along messages of spectrals, burying the body of a helpless toad in his science lab (animals have spirits, too!), and helping insistent spirits settle unfinished arguments. All that was fine and well, but when Norman finds out he’s fated with the task of saving the town from cursed zombies, he’s not sure he’s cut-out for the job.

Full of humorous horror and brain-leaking zombie heads, this dark novel is a sinister laugh, but it doesn’t end in terror. Behind the rotting flesh of the cursed, Elizabeth Cody Kimmel throws her readers a heroic, heart-warming curveball. What ParaNorman is really about, is learning to temper the fear and intolerance surrounding those who are different, and seeing the humanity within everyone. It’s The Witch of Blackbird Pond — zombie style.

This is one ghoulish nightmare you don’t want to miss.

I can’t wait for the film’s release on August 17th!


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