Suzanne Lazear: Innocent Darkness Q&A Part 2

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Our exclusive Q&A with Innocent Darkness author Suzanne Lazear continues today with part 2!

INNOCENT DARKNESS is a really dark, delightful new spin on fairy/faerie lore. Do you have a favorite piece of fairy lore?

I always liked stories like “The Enchanted Pig”, “Twelve Brothers”, “Katie Woodencloack” or “The Swan Princess” which were filled with self-sacrifice and lessons learned, but always turned out alright in the end.  I’ve also always been a sucker for “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” because who wouldn’t want to dance all night in a magical world?

Since we’re on the subject … “fairy” or “faerie”?

I would vote “faery” or “faerie,” but “fairytale” not “faerietale.”

Hot guys. INNOCENT DARKNESS has them. What qualities do you think make a guy character attractive — both to the other characters in your book, and to readers? Also: why are the bad boys so dang smexy?

I think like guys in real life, traits like kindness and compassion can go far in guy characters — and they can still be tough or masculine, or even rogues. I think that bad boys are smexy for the same reason we eat an entire box of chocolates even though we know we shouldn’t.

Twitter pitch time! Give us your 140 characters (or less) elevator pitch for INNOCENT DARKNESS?

Be careful what you wish for!

Flash questions with Suzanne coming at you tomorrow!

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