The Book of Elsewhere: Celebrating The Second Spy release July 5th

I love MG series! And one of my new favorites happens to be The Book of  Elsewhere series by Jacqueline West. Book one, The Shadows is like stepping into a cloudy painting whose mood continually changes through sky, thick oil, and moonlit nights (see my review here: .

In book two, Spellbound, the colors darken, the air chills, and mystery deepens as Olive and her new friend, Rutherford, intrude upon the McMartin’s book of spells (a last ditch effort to help Morton escape from his imprisonment inside a painting). Despite the cats’ (magical guardians of the house) warnings, Olive’s stubborn determination might just give her more magic than she’s bargained for…

If you have yet to enter into the old Victorian McMartin mansion, we recommend you walk up the creaky steps and introduce yourself to the Dunwoodys (and you can do just that, literally, or rather, digitally, on Jacqueline West’s website:

Our team of MG readers has been on the journey with Olive for a few weeks, and we’re all waiting in eager anticipation for the release of the third book in the spellbinding adventure, The Second Spy. We’d like to invite you to join us!

Because we are in love with the series, we’ve decided to host an online release party to celebrate! Look for details (and some fun surprises) in next week’s MG post, and get ready to party with the Dunwoodys!

Happy Middle Grade Monday, everyone!

Official synopsis:

In Olive’s third adventure, what lurks below the house could be as    dangerous as what’s hidden inside . . .

Some terrifying things have happened to Olive in the old stone house, but none as scary as starting junior high. Or so she thinks. When she plummets through a hole in her backyard, though, she realizes two things that may change her mind: First, the wicked Annabelle McMartin is back. Second, there’s a secret underground that unlocks not one but two of Elsewhere’s biggest, most powerful, most dangerous forces yet. But with the house’s guardian cats acting suspicious, her best friend threatening to move away, and her ally Morton starting to rebel, Olive isn’t sure where to turn. Will she figure it out in time? Or will she be lured into Elsewhere, and trapped there for good?

*If you haven’t started The Book of Elsewhere series yet, there’s still time to get caught-up and join us. Be sure to check out the website for more details on each book: Get reading today!

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