Of Poseidon by Anna Banks: How do mermaids have sex?

Since our June Book of the Month Of Poseidon by Anna Banks features mermaids and a large focus on romantic pairings, we must address this sticky subject: how do mermaids have sex?

Yes. We went there.

In fact, we asked this question to Anna in our upcoming exclusive interview (look for it next week). But this isn’t the first time we’ve boldly asked an author about mermaid relations.

In 2010, we featured The Mermaid’s Mirror by the late L.K. Madigan. At the time, we took our sexy-times question to her. Here’s what she had to say:

Come sit next to me. Yes, right there. Now then, little Novices … when a mommy mermaid and a daddy merman love each other very much, they hug each other close, and …


You guys are HILARIOUS!

Let’s put it this way: theories abound on the Internet, the most popular being that it’s a fish-like process … the mermaid lays eggs and the merman fertilizes them.

Yeah. Cold and boring.

So while I’m not going to offer up a detailed theory of my own, I prefer to believe the act involves intimate contact.

Of course, if you’ve read Of Poseidon, you’ll see the novel actually addresses this issue quite handily. But we’re still eager to see how Anna handles *that* question when it comes her way.

For the comments: Do YOU have any theories on this subject? Please keep your responses PG-13.

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