Amorah Light: The Adventures of the Light Sisters Q&A + Spotlight

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How often have you read a book that foretells the coming of a worldwide event for peace?  How many times have you been touched by a message because of its simple truth, rather than its agenda?  Although I typically stay away from books I feel carry a “lesson” or specific purpose (other than the pure enjoyment of good story-telling), The Adventures of the Light Sisters made it on my exception list. Here’s why:

In a visionary new children’s book, The Adventures of the  Light Sisters, three young girls come together to defeat the Shadow who is blocking the sun and killing the planet. After a visit from the Light Princess, the girls are given a mission: to reach one million children by to December 21s. 2012 and launch The Great Shining to save Mother Earth.

The Light Sisters discover they have special powers, giving them the courage and inner strength to take on an impossible task. When the Shadow is finally transformed by one million children shining their light, peace and harmony are restored to the earth.

In the genre of magical realism, The Adventures of the Light Sisters takes young readers on a journey to discover their own part in healing the planet. The book includes questions with space for kids to write their dreams and visions for the world.

The message is simple, the story is beautifully written, and the plot is carefully painted with emotion and allegory. Like a lilac bush blooming in snow, The Adventures of the Light Sisters combines the magic of classical fairytales with the exquisite sorrow of The Giving Tree. It’s a rare book, indeed, that can easily pass from young and old alike while continuously gaining power and purpose for each bearer. No wonder Maya Soetoro-Ng, Barack Obama’s sister, is including the book and the vision for The Great Shining to her Peace Education curriculum at the University of Hawaii.

While it’s hard to place this book in any specific category (is it for middle grade readers, young children, or adults?) it’s the perfect gift for all who desire peace for our world.  I highly recommend it!

BONUSExclusive interview with author, Amorah Light:  

What inspired you to write “The Adventures of the Light Sisters?”

I’ve been working/playing with kids for several years and found that little girls have wisdom and a knowing beyond their years. Little boys have it, too, but not to the same degree. My book was inspired by the magic I always feel when I am with children who have “the code,” the subject of my second Adventure book. Kids want to be inspired as well, and to know that they make a difference, even when walking around in little bodies. This first “Adventure of the Light Sisters” was launched due to my deep belief that we are all energetic light beings with unique abilities…and that children hold the key to the planetary shift.

How does your message tie into Dec. 21st, 2012?

I am advocating for a mass experience of light on December 21, 2012, a date thought to be a major turning point on Mother Earth. I hope my readers will be inspired to light candles for peace…and shine their collective light on the Winter Solstice of this year…and every year! I invite children and their families to gather in schools, homes, playgrounds, churches and community centers, celebrating their connection, calling for peace and shining their lights.

Please visit

You put a lot of emphasis on children and the message and important role they have in this world. What do you feel children have to offer us?

Children are the future. They are the hope and the promise of a brighter and better tomorrow. In truth, they are our best teachers. Let us nurture those precious souls and empower their lives, beginning early on. I have recently decided to create a prototype for Sol Schools (schools of light here on Maui) with a cosmic curriculum and a theme for each day like love, peace gratitude and harmony. When Oprah asked Shirley MacLaine what she thought the most important thing we could do to help restore sanity to the planet. Shirley thought for a long moment and replied, “teach the children to meditate.”

What is your vision for the Light Sisters?

Some of my vision has already been fulfilled. Barack Obama’s sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, has included “The Adventures of the Light Sisters” in her peace education curriculum at the University of Hawaii where she teaches.

What is your vision for the world?

I see all human beings as members of one global family, connected at the level of the heart, moving from fear and separation to unity and love. I envision children as peacemakers, future leaders on our home planet, so that there will never be another mother or father sending their sons and daughters off to war. There is a new earth coming and humanity is waking up. The children are already awake. Let’s give them the best of who we are and hand them a world worthy of their care and attention.

How can we get involved? 

Please ask parents and kids to help spread the word about The Great Shining: A Children’s Campaign to Light Up the World. I see this global event being amplified on television and the Internet with children everywhere being part of this great experiment. Maybe it’s not one million children shining their lights on December 21st.. Maybe it’s twelve million! My website suggests many ways to play on that day…and you can order the book right online. Feel free to contact me with your creative ideas at  Shine On!

Amorah Light has a passion for kids (her “board of advisors”) and has worked as a certified childcare provider in California and Hawaii. A graduate of Northwestern University and former radio/television producer, she is launching the Great Shining, a year-long endeavor to reach out and empower one million children by December 21, 2012. Her book is a foretelling of this global campaign for peace.

Janet Davis (illustrator) is a widely-respected artist on Maui, Hawaii. Inspired by the beauty and magic of the islands, her paintings are whimsical dreamscapes filled with light and color. “The Adventures of the Light Sisters” is her first children’s book.

The Great Shining is a project of Global Family, a non-profit organization committed to promoting peace and cooperation across the globe. NGO’s and other peace education groups are invited to participate in the Great Shining on the Winter Solstice of 2012.

Parents, grandparents and children can visit to learn more about the Children’s Campaign to Light Up the World and how they can play a part.


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