Of Poseidon by Anna Banks: Mermaid Writing Contest

All this month, we’re taking a splash with Of Poseidon by Anna Banks, our June Book of the Month! And to really kick off this celebration, we’re offering a fantastic mermaid writing contest!

The Contest:

Write your own piece of flash fiction about mermaids & life under the sea! It can be funny, dramatic, romantic, dark & sinister, realistic, or anything you can dream up.

Submit your original mermaid story using the Novel Novice Of Poseidon Writing Contest Entry Form.

Please remember to use proper grammar & spelling. Entries should be between 250-500 words. (No longer, please! If you’d prefer, you may submit an excerpt from a longer story.)

The Prize:

One (1) winner will receive a copy of Of Poseidon, plus a bookmark and a Fierce Reads temporary tattoo from Macmillan.

The Rules:

  • One entry per person
  • Use the entry form
  • U.S. only
  • Use proper grammar & spelling
  • Entries should be 250-500 words in length

The Deadline:

All entries are due by midnight (PT) on Saturday, June 30th.

Questions? Leave ’em in the comments & we’ll reply!

10 thoughts on “Of Poseidon by Anna Banks: Mermaid Writing Contest

Add yours

  1. I entered! That was fun! I put the HTML code for italics around one line since I couldn’t copy italics to the form, hopefully that doesn’t mess anything up?

  2. I didn’t know Novel Novice was running this contest! πŸ™‚ Totally entering. Looks like I have some writing to do! πŸ˜€

  3. Entering now! πŸ˜€ Question: if I write another story, can I enter more than once? This prompt has just gotten my writing juices flowing!
    Note (this is in the entry, as well): anything enclosed in slashes (/like this/) should be italic.
    By the way, I’m TwilightFreak#1. Just changed my pen name.
    When will the results of the contest be released? When will the next writing prompt be announced?

    1. If you read above, it states you may only enter once. We’ll announce the winners as soon as we can, but we can never give you a specific time frame. We host writing contests at least once per month.

      1. Okay. I have a habit of missing the obvious – in that case, I guess I just have to wait and see how that entry does. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  4. I’m curious to see who wins and hopefully read the entry. πŸ˜€ When will the results be announced?

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