Cat Girl’s Day Off Character Q&A: Rufus Brutus the Third

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We feature author interviews all the time here at Novel Novice, and while we will be interviewing Cat Girl’s Day Off author Kimberly Pauley here tomorrow, TODAY, we wanted to do something a little different. So we sat down with Mr. Rufus Brutus the Third … a (pink) cat and one of the stars of Cat Girl’s Day Off. His picture is also on the cover of the book. Thanks to Nat Ng (the human also on the book cover with Rufus) for her help interpreting Rufus’s meows.

Rufus, how does it feel to be the star of a new book?

Why should I feel any different?

Do you mind very much being a pink cat? Is there another color you’d like to try out?

I don’t know what you humans keep talking about with all this pink nonsense. I’m the same color I’ve always been. Though I suppose, if I had to pick a color, I’d like to try meowwrrp.

Note from Nat: Cats can’t see red or shades of red. They can see blues and greens and yellows and they can “see” more shades of gray than humans can. I’m not sure what color Rufus is talking about, but I’m guessing it’s one of those shades we can’t really distinguish. Or he could just be making something up to annoy you. That’s Rufus.

If your real name is Rufus Brutus the Third, why do you allow your human to call you Tiddlywinks? When you had a chance to correct her, you turned it down!

Easton gave me that name. It is her name to use for me and only for her to use. (glares at interviewer) You can call me Rufus Brutus the Third.

Be honest: how much do dogs really annoy you?

Not all dogs are completely useless, but as a species they really are quite remarkably stupid. I once watched Fergie chase her own tail for an hour. An hour.

A saucer of milk. A can of tuna. A bag of catnip. Rufus, what is your guilty pleasure?

Why would I pick just one? You humans are so silly. And you did leave out a nice windowsill in the sun.

What piece of advice or cat wisdom would you like to impart on cat owners everywhere?

Listen to your cat. We’re smarter than you are. Don’t argue, you know it’s true.

Thank you, Rufus (and Nat)!

For the comments: If you could ask a cat a question, any question, what would it be?


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