Exclusive Sneak Peek: Masque of the Red Death Book 2

Posted May 18, 2012 by Sara | Novel Novice 6 Comments

Today, we have a very special treat for you from Masque of the Red Death author Bethany Griffin … three exclusive sneak peeks at the sequel!

Sneak Peek #1:

The soft rustling of thousands of wings, at the same time that my nose registers an acrid scent. The darkness of the roof moves restlessly, and I realize that this place is filled with bats. Enormous, bloated, disease-carrying bats.

Sneak Peek #2:

The basement walls are lined with clocks and there are tables covered with half built clocks, tables of cogs and gears.

“He wants a great clock. The biggest I’ve ever built. And he wants it soon.”


“Prince Prospero doesn’t deign to tell a clockmaker why he wants a clock,” the man says.

Sneak Peek #3:

He doesn’t pull me close, but the length of my body rests against his.

I can feel his heart beating. Rapidly. Unless it’s my heart.

He doesn’t move. Maybe he’s going to hold me here, against his heart, forever.

Well? What do you think? Tell us in the comments your thoughts! The sequel to Masque of the Red Death will be out next year.

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6 responses to “Exclusive Sneak Peek: Masque of the Red Death Book 2

  1. Madeline

    Ah! I can’t wait. I read book 1 in less than a day, I’m absolutely in love with it, I’ll definitely read it numerous more times while I wait for #2.

  2. mehak

    ok u can NOT give us teasers like that and expect us to wait so long!!! but seriously amazing work by u! ur one of my top fave with this series!!!

  3. tbynum04

    Aaah, my ALL -TIME favorite YA read! Thank you SO much for these little morsels, it’s never gonna be enough until it’s here though, lol.

    I stumbled upon “Masque of the Red Death” when I began my YA Dystopian craze and Voila – Steampunk! Yep, as a forty-something mom of young adults, I’ve just stepped into the YA arena and its genres, so I’m a bit behind the times, but honestly, I don’t think I’m leaving this new world I’ve discovered!

    I gush about this novel whenever I have the chance & I cannot WAIT for the sequel – this is torture!!

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