Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

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Ariel better move over, because there’s another little mermaid shaking things up under the sea in Of Poseidon by Anna Banks.

Okay, so maybe she’s not exactly a mermaid, but Emma — the heroine of Of Poseidon — has one fishy story that will have readers swooning for more:

Galen, a Syrena prince, searches land for a girl he’s heard can communicate with fish. It’s while Emma is on vacation at the beach that she meets Galen. Although their connection is immediate and powerful, Galen’s not fully convinced that Emma’s the one he’s been looking for. That is, until a deadly encounter with a shark proves  that Emma and her Gift may be the only thing that can save his kingdom. He needs her help–no matter what the risk.

I haven’t loved a mermaid story this much since devouring L.K. Madigan’s The Mermaid’s Mirror two years ago. Of Poseidon is a thrilling new addition to the realm of paranormal romance, written with a dashing blend of humor and intrigue. It’s a true gift for an author to balance high stakes drama and intense romance with a witty sense of comedy, yet that’s exactly what Banks has pulled off. Of Poseidon is funny and seductive and page-turning all at the same time.

Paranormal romance certainly remains one of the hottest commodities in YA literature these days, but with so many titles coming out, it can be hard to stand out. Of Poseidon breaks through the white noise, with a stunning and unique story and really likeable characters. Readers will love following Emma’s journey of self discovery, laughing over friends like Rayna and Toraf, and swooning over Galen. And while Of Poseidon is heavily infused with humor and lightness, Banks doesn’t shy away from heavy subject matters like death, illness, and even a forced marriage. All delicate subject matters are woven into the story with a careful hand.

The end result is a story that is richly developed, well-conceived, and expertly executed. Of Poseidon is a stunning new addition to the young adult literature shelves, and readers (like me) will be anxiously awaiting the sequel with bated breath.

Dive into Of Poseidon when it hits store shelves on Tuesday, May 22nd. It will also be featured as our June Book of the Month next month right here at Novel Novice!

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4 responses to “Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

  1. Susan Light

    Loved, loved , loved Of Poseidon. I got an ARC and absolutely devoured it! Only problem is I deparately need the next book !

  2. I really liked this one too! I’m not real big on mermaid books but I was really surprised how much I liked this one. It had it’s issues but nothing I couldn’t look past. Glad you enjoyed it too!

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