Spicing-up the Middle Grade Section at Novel Novice

After a successful Middle Grade March, we have decided to expand the Middle Grade section of Novel Novice and are happy to announce many exciting changes coming your way, including (but not limited to):

* A new panel of avid readers (between the ages of 7-14) who will routinely help us review books, interview authors, share their love for MG, and vote on their favorite new releases!

* Middle-Grade book of the month

* Author interviews

* Tips for parents on supporting your child’s literary education

* And lots of fantastic tips/information for aspiring MG writers from publishers, book agents, and MG authors!

In a nutshell, the Middle Grade section of Novel Novice is going to ROCK!

You can look forward to weekly MG posts on “Middle Grade Monday,” and feel free to email me (Amanda) with any requests, suggestions, ideas you’d like to see implemented (or MG books you’d like to see featured): amandaleigh80@yahoo.com.  Also, if you have kids who love to read, we’d love to get them involved. Contact me for more info if you’re interested.

We’re kicking-off this middle grade book of the month with BREADCRUMBS by Anne Ursu. Stay-tuned for our upcoming interview with the author and illustrator, as well as details on how you can win a free copy for the book.

As Middle Grade literature is my passion, I am stoked to get this party started!

Happy reading, everyone!  Look for the kick-off of our new and improved Middle-Grade section the second Monday in May (yes, we like alliteration around here).

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