Holly Black talks about Red Glove: Interview Flashback

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Next week, we’ll be sharing our brand new, exclusive interview with Black Heart author Holly Black — but we also chatted with Holly last year when the second book in the Curse Workers series first came out. So today, we’re taking a look at some of the highlights from last year’s chat:

If you lived in the curse worker world, describe for us what your favorite pair of gloves would be like.

My favorite pair of gloves would be thin black leather, very fitted.  They would also have a few of the stitches picked out of one of the sides so that i could touch someone with my bare finger and get away with it.

What type of curse worker power would you most want to have? Why?

I think I would most want to be a powerful luck worker, because even though it’s a common power, I think it could be really useful, especially as a writer.  Maybe I would luck into the perfect paragraph or the perfect plot or into write ten thousand words in a single day.

There aren’t many YA books about the mob. What inspired you to bring such a seedy element to the YA shelves?

I think of it as part of what I do to write about characters who are a little outside of the center.  I had a memorable review say that I liked to write about the “scourge of society” and I guess that’s more or less true.  When I was growing up, I spent a significant amount of time around hoodlums.  A bunch of the people I used to hang out with are in jail and some of them are dead, so I think that I have a little grittier view of adolescence than some writers might.

If they made a Holly Black candle, what would it smell like?

Coffee, absinthe and the still-burning pages of a first draft.

Be sure to check out part 1 and part 2 of last year’s interview here to see more!

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