Curse Workers series by Holly Black: Essay & Project Ideas

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Earlier this week we shared Simon & Schuster’s reading group guides for the first two books in Holly Black’s Curse Workers series. Today, we’re expanding on their ideas with some essay & project ideas that students or teachers can use to incorporate the books into the classroom!

Essay Ideas:

* Throughout the books, Cassel is constantly struggling with good & evil. Explore the decisions he makes & argue whether you thinks his choices ultimately make him “good” or “evil.”

* The Curse Workersuniverse is actually very similar to our own. Compare & contrast the similarities and the differences.

* In the Curse Workers series, the debate over Curse Workers rights becomes a major political theme that acts as a backdrop to the main action. Compare the political turmoil in the books to current topics that are being debated in politics.

* Research real-life cases about the mob/mafia and compare those crimes to the life of the Curse Workers. How does history stack up against fiction?

* Family is a major theme in the Curse Workers books. Explore how family influences the choices Cassel makes throughout all three books.

Project Ideas:

* In the Curse Workers universe, everyone wears gloves all the time. Create a sales pitch or a fake TV commercial for gloves, as if you were advertising to characters in the books.

* When White Cat first came out, Simon & Schuster released a series of viral “propaganda” ads about wearing gloves and avoiding curse workers:

Based on your reading of the books, create your own anti-curseworker propaganda.

* The Curse Workers books have had two different sets of covers. If you were to create a third cover style, what would it look like? Use your artistic skills to create new covers for any or all of the three books that are different from the two designs Simon & Schuster created.

* Curse Workers rights are a major debate throughout the series. Stage a mock debate in class, with two sides arguing for or against a Curse Workers registry (as discussed in the books).

For the comments: Share your additional ideas in the comments below!

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