Take the quiz! What kind of Curse Worker are you?

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You know those personality quizzes you find in magazines like Seventeen and Cosmo? Well, imagine if one of those quizzes popped up in the curse worker world. Wouldn’t you like to know what kind of curse worker you are?

Last year, we created our own magazine-style personality quiz in honor of the Curse Workers series by Holly Black — to determine what type of curse worker you’d be. Now, in honor of this week’s release of Black Heart, we wanted to revist the quiz!

So grab a piece of paper and jot down your answers to each question. Then click after the jump to compare your results to our answer key to figure out what kind of curse worker you are. Be sure to share your answers in the comments below!

What kind of Curse Worker are you?

1. I’m the type of person who …

(a) goes with the flow.
(b) likes to dream big.
(c) settles a fight with my fists.
(d) enjoys a good cry.
(e) isn’t allowed to have pets. It never ends well.
(f) relies heavily on friendly reminders.
(g) feels unstable.

2. When I’ve had a bad day, I usually blame …

(a) The universe. It’s out of my control.
(b) Myself. I had a bad omen about today, and should have known to just stay in bed!
(c) That ugly zit I woke up with on my chin!
(d) PMS. It’s probably that time of the month.
(e) All those happy-go-lucky, living, breathing people.
(f) What bad day? I’m just going to forget this day ever happened.
(g) The jerks around me! What? Did I transform into some hideous beast, begging to be annoyed all day?!?!

3. For fun, I like to …

(a) Hit up the casinos! I’ve got a good feeling about my next gamble …
(b) Take a nap and let my dreams entertain me.
(c) Hit the gym for an awesome workout.
(d) Watch “The Notebook” … I love a good tear-jerker.
(e) Crash funerals, just like that kid in “Harold & Maude.” They look like fun.
(f) Play the classic board game “Guess Who?”
(g) Try on costumes. There’s nothing quite like pretending you’re someone else.

4. My favorite song is …

(a) “Luck Be a Lady Tonight” by Frank Sinatra
(b) “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by The Eurythmics
(c) “Let’s Get Physical” by Olivia Newton-John
(d) “I Second That Emotion” by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
(e) “Death & All His Friends” by Coldplay
(f) “Memory” from the musical Cats
(g) “Transformer Man” by Neil Young

5. My ideal date would …

(a) let me place all the bets.
(b) ask about my fantasies, and then make them come true.
(c) be up for arm-wresteling.
(d) share what they’re feeling with me.
(e) fear nothing.
(f) never forget my birthday.
(g) be whoever I needed them to be.

6. My favorite place in the world is …

(a) Monte Carlo, Las Vegas and Atlantic City!
(b) My own bed.
(c) The beach. Any beach. Preferably a nude beach.
(d) Someplace romantic – like Paris or Venice.
(e) Arlington National Cemetery
(f) Any Disney theme park. I love their ad campaign about “making magical memories.”
(g) New York City – you can be anybody you want there.

7. Which of these would be your worst-case scenario?

(a) Nothing ever goes my way.
(b) Insomnia due to recurring nightmares.
(c) I’m always getting hurt (cuts, bruises, scrapes) and I’m not sure how.
(d) I fall in love way too easily, and end up getting hurt.
(e) Everyone I care about dies.
(f) Suffering from amnesia.
(g) People in my life keep randomly disappearing, but then I get weird crap in the mail (like an umbrella or a tuba).

Keep going after the jump to view the answer key …

Answer Key:

If you got …

  • Mostly A’s, you’re a Luck Worker.
  • Mostly B’s, you’re a Dream Worker.
  • Mostly C’s, you’re a Physical Worker.
  • Mostly D’s, you’re an Emotion Worker.
  • Mostly E’s, you’re a Death Worker.
  • Mostly F’s, you’re a Memory Worker.
  • Mostly G’s, you’re a Transformation Worker.
  • A mix of answers (no majority), then you are NOT a Curse Worker.

For the comments: Tell us what you got for your answer!

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