Writing Prompt: Picspiration

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Ready for another writing prompt?  This time we’re going visual!

We chose three images from WeHeartIt.  Your job is to write a story that incorporates all three of those images.  Let these photos inspire you in any way.  Just make sure you use all three somehow.

Writing tip: Whenever possible, replace a weak verb + adverb with a single strong verb that paints the picture you want. Don’t do this when writing your first draft unless the strong verb comes to you as you’re typing away. Keep the fingers moving! During revision is when you take the time to search out those adverbs (usually ending in -ly) and ponder a strong verb replace it.


For the comments: What do you think about our writing prompts feature? How do you like this one based on photos?  Would you like to see something like this again in a future prompt?


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