Lissa Price: Starters Q&A

I’m super excited about Tuesday’s release of the new book Starters by Lissa Price, the first in a two-book series. Today, I’ve got an exclusive Q&A with Lissa. See part one below, then head over to my Hunger Games Examiner column to see the rest!

The idea of “borrowing” someone else’s body for any length of time is undeniably creepy … and yet, as you prove in STARTERS, there is a twisted sort of curiosity there, as well. Why do you think we have this innate desire to trade lives with other people?

It’s sort of one of those irresistible fantasies, isn’t it? To see how the other half lives. And maybe at the heart of it is the inner hope and expectation that you’ll come back happier to be in your own body.

That said … if you could “borrow” someone else’s body for a day, who would it be and why? What would you do?

This answer changes from day to day. Today I’d say Oprah because then I could spend the day interviewing some of my favorite authors: JK Rowling, Stephen King, Suzanne Collins.

Supertruffles. If I’m understanding these correctly … these are chocolates packed with vitamins and nutrients, right? Like, healthy chocolates? How soon can you make these a reality? Do you have a recipe? Society will thank you.

Seriously, we have been working on this. Stay tuned!


Private concert—who’s playing?


Pizza toppings?

Mushroom and spinach

Book you can’t stop re-reading?

The Hunger Games

Living or dead, who would you like to have dinner with?


Perfect vacation?

African photo safari

Look at your desk right now. Name five things within reach.

Small glass globe, HG books charm bracelet, steampunk charm bracelet, bird necklace, lots and lots of paper!

Anybody else now coveting Lissa’s jewelry?! Thanks for stopping by, Lissa!


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