Book Review: Wildwood by Colin Meloy & Carson Ellis

Today’s Middle Grade March book review comes from our Middle Grade staffer 11-year-old Elena!

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Wildwood by Colin Meloy & Carson Ellis

Prue, a 12-year-old girl who loves drawing nature and lives in the city of rainy Portland, Oregon, is quite average. Until, one day as she and her toddler brother, Mac, go to the park for the day. There, Mac is swept away by a murder of crows, and they bring her little, tiny, 1-year-old brother into the Impassable Wilderness, which, true to it’s name, has never been entered, or at least never had anyone come out alive. Then, Prue realizes she must enter the Wilderness. But soon it becomes dangerous and exciting. After all, she is in Wildwood.

I liked this book. Three reasons I liked this book was because it was unique, it was interesting, and it was well written. Here is why…

The first reason, it was a unique book, is because it had a different type of story. It was fresh, new, exciting. I loved how much different it was because, I’m sure you know how you’ll read a book, and feel like you seen this stuff about a thousand times. But, a toddler being abducted by crows? Talking coyotes? Pretty new!

The second reason, it was an interesting book, is because it totally pulls you in from the beginning. Just reading the back made me think, “Wow”. The way the author wrote the book, the vocabulary, the dialouge, were all contributing to the whole amazing plot.

The third reason, it was well written, is because, like I said before, there are so many contributes that make this book so cool to read, so amazing to see in your head. To me, it seemed like a poem, the way the words sort of flowed together. It gave an interesting twist to the book.

I reccommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy or adventure. I hope my review convinced you to read it, because it’s a good book. Join Prue and Curtis into the Impassable Wilderness (Wildwood) and find out what happens next in this tale of adventure.

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