Book Review: Balthazar by Claudia Gray

I was a fan of the Evernight series from the very start, and was very happy with how the series tied up in last year’s Afterlife. So happy that I didn’t even realize I wanted more … until I picked up Balthazar by Claudia Gray, a companion novel that takes place after the events of Afterlife . This time, the star of the story is Balthazar, the 400-some-odd year-old vampire who was friends with Bianca and Lucas, and their former (human) classmate Skye Tierney.

It was unexpectedly delightful to re-immerse myself in the world of the Evernight series, and even more delightful getting to know more about Balthazar and Skye. I found myself caring more about these characters than I thought would be possible! Gray has written a companion novel that is really a five-star addition to her already stellar Evernight series.

Fans will love getting a glimpse of what Lucas and Bianca are up to in their new and very unique life together, but will not be disappointed that their appearance is only in the periphery. Balthazar and Skye are the stars of this show, and they deserve every second of the attention they get.

Indeed, the chemistry between Balthazar and Skye is red hot and even before they reach the breaking point, the most intense moments between them are laced with steamy, sexy goodness.

Balthazar is filled with plot points, character developments, story twists, and plenty of drama and tension in a way that makes turning every page like peeling back a new layer to the novel. By the time you’ve reached the end, you’ll be amazed at every element Gray touched on. What’s more impressive is how she wraps up such a delightfully perfect novel, while still leaving room for more — should she choose to continue. (And I would vote for another Balthazar/Skye book. Just sayin’.)

If you haven’t discovered the Evernight series yet, do it now. All four books are great of their own accord, but reading them is even more worth the effort because of the added payoff of reading Balthazar next!

Balthazar is in stores on Tuesday, March 6th!

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  1. That’s great to hear Sara. I’ve read the first 2 & haven’t yet read Afterlife but my daughter has, she will be very happy to know it’s worth a read:)

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