The Boys of YA Lit: Harlin from A Need So Beautiful

All this week, we here at Novel Novice & the guys at Boy’s Don’t Read are featuring five of our favorite guy characters from YA lit and evaluating whether we’d date them (here at Novel Novice), OR at Boys Don’t Read, if they’d play World of Warcraft (WoW) with them, or in general hang out with them.

Here is today’s pick, and share your thoughts in the comments below, plus other YA guys you’d swoon over (or play WoW with)!

Harlin from A Need So Beautiful

He acts like a bad boy with heart, but really there’s a lot more to Harlin from A Need So Beautiful than his tough exterior and Harley bike. He’s had a troubled life, but he’s desperately in love with Charlotte and will do whatever it takes to protect her, even when he doesn’t fully understand what she’s going through.

But even after everything that happens in A Need So Beautiful, you still aren’t 100% sold on Harlin — just wait until the sequel, A Want So Wicked. It doesn’t come out until this summer, but I was lucky enough to read an early copy — and here Harlin really finishes the process of growing up and maturing. We see him owning his new role in the world, and coping as best he can with the fallout from A Need So Beautiful. He is loving, caring and perfectly romantic — even if his rough exterior still makes parents a little iffy about him dating their daughter.

Final Verdict: Date him! He’s a keeper.

Now head to Boys Don’t Read to check out their verdict on Harlin!

3 thoughts on “The Boys of YA Lit: Harlin from A Need So Beautiful

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  1. Harlin is the kind of guy girls should avoid. Everytime Charlotte tells him “I love you” he says “prove it” or “show me.” All he ever wants from Charlotte is sex. He is shallow and lacks depth of character. He almost redeems himself when he tries to help Charlotte’s best friend, but by then it was too late for me to like him. If my daughter went out with a guy like that I’d have a fit. Not a good role model for teen girls today to follow.

    1. Um, did you bother to finish reading the book? I think Harlin proves he’s a very good guy, with plenty of depth of character.

      And the reason he questions Charlotte’s love is because he thinks she’s cheating on him. He has a reason to doubt, but he’s most definitely not after “just sex.”

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