Writing Prompt: First Date

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We’re changing up the writing prompts a little bit in 2012.  Rather than a “lesson” every other month, we’re going to have open-ended prompts to get your imagination turning.

You can write fan fiction stories or your own original stories.  It’s all for fun and practice because, of course, the number one way to be a better writer is to simply write more.

Here’s February’s prompt:

For this month, we are specifically requiring you to write fan fiction.  We want you to take two characters from different young adult books/series and show us what their first date would look like.

Have fun with this!  Your story can be romantic, cynical, funny, sweet, awkward, goofy, scary, you name it.  It just has to make sense for the two characters you choose.


Submitting Your Story

There are a few options for submitting your story:

  • Post it on a website such as fanfiction.net, LiveJournal, your blog, etc. Be sure whatever site you choose does not require users to login in order to read your story.
  • Email the link to your story to christie.novelnovice@gmail.com.
  • If you don’t want to post your story on a website, you can email it to christie.novelnovice@gmail.com. Please use DOC or PDF format only. If you wish to remain anonymous, please let me know when you send it (and don’t include your name in the file).
Stories are due February 28 if you want them shared on Novel Novice.

What do you think about our writing prompts feature?  Are you planning to participate? We’re open to suggestions for improving as we go, too.


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