Book review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Retellings of classic fairy tales have been popular in YA the past few years, but until now, I hadn’t read one. However, I’m confident in saying Marissa Meyer has done a great service to the original Cinderella story in her romantic sci-fi Cinder.

Part cyberpunk, part fairytale, part romance and a little post-apocalyptic, Cinder takes place in an unspecified future after a fourth world war. Humans have begun populating the moon and branched off into another human-like species. Those left on earth remain much the same except for technological advancements, which include the ability to fit injured humans with mechanical parts and wiring. In a word, cyborgs.

And that’s what Cinder is. Considered less than human, she must follow in Cinderella’s footsteps to triumph over her wicked stepmother; resist an impossible attraction to the prince; and then get to the ball in time to warn him about invaders who wish to kill him and take over the planet.

For those who are tired of the formulaic paranormal romance, this is the perfect way to cleanse the palette. It’s light sci-fi, meaning you don’t need a doctorate in physics to understand it, and most of it is very plausible. Cinder is an extremely likable and selfless character with good intentions and the guts–and bolts–to accomplish what she sets out to do.

Meyer challenges us to consider what makes us human and the ethical choices we face as technology races on.

Because Cinder follows the Cinderella story, there are no real plot surprises. However, Meyer’s sci-fi spin will keep readers flipping pages to find out how a spunky cyborg mechanic plans to save the world and get the guy.

Cinder is in stores now.

You can also find Cinder in audiobook form. We have a free sample for you courtesy of Macmillan here:

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