Ditched by Robin Mellom: Prom Photo Extravaganza

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Since Ditched by Robin Mellom is all about one wild prom night, we decided to showcase some of our own prom stories … yes, complete with photos. Robin was brave enough to send me her photo, so I promised to share mine too. And because these things are easier with support from your friends, we got a few other blogger friends to participate as well. (Want to share your prom story? Stay tuned for a fun contest kicking off tomorrow!)

Here’s Robin’s prom story:

My date went to a nearby rival high school so I got to wear this dress TWICE—which was fine by me because I was in loooove with this dress. It was a knock-off of an expensive “mall dress” and I got this for 99 bucks at JC Penney. Score!

(I probably spent more money on cans of hairspray, though. Don’t judge. This made sense at the time.) (Sigh.)

And because I promised, here’s mine, too:

I’ve always been a bit unconventional, so when it came time for my high school prom, and my mom took me dress shopping, we inevitably ended up at the fabric store. Sure, I found plenty of dresses I liked okay (and bought one on sale at Penney’s just like Robin did, only I think I scored mine for about $70 — which I later wore to another school’s prom). But for my prom, I wanted something really special. So yes, my mom sewed me prom dress for me — and sticking with my unconventional track, we used a Renaissance costume pattern instead of a traditional prom dress pattern. The end result was very Cinderella-esque … and yes, it still fits. The photo below is a pre-prom photo with my brother, because it’s the only one I could find!

Some fellow bloggers also decided to be brave and help us out. First up, we have Jen Lamourex, who writes about all-things books for Hypable.com:

This prom photo was from when I went to a prom when I was a sophmore.  I wore a short red dress and I remember how hard it was finding the right lipstick to wear! Some reds were just too red and others just looked ridiculous.  However the hardest thing to do was my hair.  For those who don’t know me, my hair is stick straight so to get those curls and keep them in I had to roll my hair in rags and sleep on it.  It’s a process but I did love my hair so it was worth it.  That night after prom we all stayed at my friends house and slept out under the stars. It was only May here in Connecticut so needless to say we  all colds the following week.

Follow Jen’s activities via Twitter @jenlam26

Lauren Marie Suero, an avid book reader & co-owner of many sites, shared her story & a truly fabulous prom ‘do:

This was my senior year prom photo and when I look back on it all I think is “NICE SNOOKI POOF, LAUREN!” Of course this was a few years before the rise of Jersey Shore but they would be proud of my tan, along with the hair.

The entire night was memorable but one memory sticks out the most: my ridiculously high heel shoes I insisted on wearing. It’s not easy being 5’0″ especially with a long dress like I wore so my shoes needed to be nice and tall. A half an hour into them at the event, they were promptly removed and I rocked them as an arm accessory the rest of the night.

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For the comments: Do you have a prom story to share? Well, tune in to tomorrow’s contest … but feel free to share below, as well!


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