Julie Kagawa: The Iron Knight Q&A + Excerpt

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Today, we’re excited to be part of the official blog tour for The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa, the fourth book in the best-selling Iron Fey series. Today, we have an exclusive excerpt from The Iron Knight (and you can get more by checking out other stops on the blog tour), plus a short Q&A with author Julie Kagawa!

From The Iron Knight:

We were never close, my brothers and I. As princes of Winter, we grew up in a world of violence and dark politics. Our queen encouraged this, favoring the son who earned her good graces while punishing the others. We used each other, played vicious games against one another, but we were all loyal to our court and our queen. Or so I’d thought. There is a reason the Winter Court freezes out their emotions, why feelings are considered a weakness and a folly among the Unseelie fey.

What is your ideal writing environment? Do you prefer music or solitude? Is there a time of day (or night) that you prefer?

I would love to be one of those writers who can go to a coffee shop or a bookstore and write with a steaming mug of tea beside me.  Sadly, I’m so easily distracted that I can’t concentrate if there’s anything interesting going on around me.  So I’m usually confined to my office, though I do like listening to music as I write.

Where did you come up with the idea for the Iron Fey series?

Faeries, the old, ancient fey, not the glittery winged sprites, have always fascinated me. But I wanted to write a book that was different than other faery books. So I began thinking: what are the fey afraid of? The answer, in most ancient mythos, is iron. Faeries can’t stand the touch of iron and steel. So, what if there was a new type of fey that had evolved with progress over the years? What if they weren’t only immune to iron, their existence was slowly poisoning and corrupting the lands of the traditional fey? And I realized we already have “monsters” in machines: gremlins, bugs, viruses, ect. And from that thought, the Iron fey were born.

Are any of the characters based on someone you know?

Not really, though there is a bit of myself in each of the characters.  Except Grim.  I’m nothing like Grimalkin, as he would tell you himself, I’m sure.

Thanks again to Julie, Harlequin Teen & Media Muscle for including us in this great blog tour! Find the next stop tomorrow at Once Upon A Twilight!

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