This Dark Endeavor: Frankenstein-Inspired Writing Contest

We love that author Kenneth Oppel used the classic novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley as inspiration for his latest novel — so we’re asking you to do the same in our new writing contest! Keep reading for details …

The Contest

Think of this as a literary version of fan fiction. We want you to write your own short story inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It can be a prequel, a sequel, an alternate ending, or maybe a missing scene from the original book.

Feel free to get creative — but be sure to reference the original text (and we do mean the BOOK, not any of the movie versions).

Need a refresher? Frankenstein is in the public domain, and therefore is FREE to read. Try this Google ebook version or this version which can be read online.

Please limit your contest entries to 250-500 words, though this may be an excerpt from a longer story. And remember: proper grammar & spelling count, so proofread!

When you’re ready, submit your entry using the Novel Novice This Dark Endeavor Contest Entry Form.

The Prizes

Up to five (5) winners will each receive a finished copy of This Dark Endeavor by Kenneth Oppel, courtesy of Simon & Schuster!

The Rules

  • U.S. only
  • One entry per person
  • Use the entry form
  • Use proper grammar & spelling
  • Story must reference/be based on the original Frankenstein text
  • Limit entries to 250-500 words

The Deadline

All entries are due by midnight (PT) on Monday, October 31st.

Questions? Leave ’em in the comments & we’ll reply!

2 thoughts on “This Dark Endeavor: Frankenstein-Inspired Writing Contest

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  1. I was just wondering when we might know who won this contest? I know you probobly had a ton of entries but i was just wondering. Thanks a bunch for such a great site and contests.

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