Nina Malkin: Swear Q&A Part 2

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Every Thursday as we countdown to Swear by Nina Malkin, we’ll be bringing you part of our Q&A with her — including our questions, YOUR questions & some flash questions. Here is part 2:

Reader Question: Will there be a book three exploring Dice’s new enhanced powers? That seems like fun. — BM Dimension

After my agent read SWEAR, she insightfully commented that SWOON is Sin’s story and SWEAR is Dice’s story. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but it’s true.  Now I’d love to give everyone closure with a finale that’s truly the tale of them as a couple. Some people have a naïve notion of happily ever after, but anyone in a real relationship knows that, no matter how strong the bond, there will be challenges, internal and external. Plus, I’d love to move Sin and Dice out of SWOON for a while and set them loose in NYC together!

Novel Novice Question: SWOON and SWEAR, though definitely connected, are very different feeling books. Do you think some readers will like one book over the other?

Uh-huh, it’s possible that there’ll be a “Camp SWOON” vs. “Camp SWEAR” thing going on. For one, readers were rather split on the sexuality that frankly pervaded SWOON—some people found it a turn-on, while others were shocked—whereas SWEAR has a different tone. Also, as mentioned before, SWOON is Sin’s book and SWEAR is more Dice-driven. Plus, readers may be surprised by the changes in various characters—some may prefer the Sin of SWOON, the Pen of SWOON, while others will respond and relate more to these guys in the sequel.

Flash Question: Favorite cartoon?

Sorry, I don’t do favorites. Although I was recently turned on to Nina Paley’s animated film Sita Sings the Blues, which is gorgeous and funny and adorable and trippy and based on the Ramayana (catch it here).

The Q&As continue next Thursday!

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