Nina Malkin: Swear Q&A Part 1

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Every Thursday as we countdown to Swear by Nina Malkin, we’ll be bringing you part of our Q&A with her. But we didn’t just ask her our questions … we asked her yours, too! So each day, we’ll bring you her responses to one reader question, one Novel Novice question, and one flash question!

Reader Question: Sin did many things that made me angry, like sleep with Dice’s cousin, but then turn around and be sweet to Dice. How would you explain his actions throughout the book? What kind of character would you say he is (i.e., villain, tortured hero, etc.)? — Amy

Technically, I’d call Sin a romantic antihero who approaches hero status at the end of SWOON. At heart he’s an honorable guy, but his misguided mission of revenge twisted his naturally noble instincts. In the final analysis, he realizes it was all for naught and is on the way to redemption. And then…!

Novel Novice Question: Tell us about the use and significance of music in SWEAR — especially the creation of “You Throw the Dice.”

Candice Reagan Moskow, AKA Dice—the heroine of SWOON and SWEAR—has been through a lot. Music becomes her solace, her escape. Plus, she views joining a band as a very normal thing to do—and Dice is all about the normal at the start of SWEAR. What she doesn’t realize is the more she throws herself into song, the more she taps into her otherworldly abilities. It’s her voice that brings on Sin’s presence, as well as the frightening adversary she’s forced to confront in SWEAR.

As to “You Throw the Dice,” the song made its debut in print, on the pages of SWOON. There’s a hayride scene where Dice, overwhelmed by Sin’s havoc, busts into an impromptu blues jam, in which she basically tells him off. Remarkably, some SWOON fans were inspired to record the song. One of them, Rony Corcos, recently became a friend of mine. Rony totally channels Dice, but gives the tune her own spin. She’s got a gorgeous, old-soul, deep-blues voice with a quirky pop sensibility. Oh, and did I mention she plays all the guitars on the track? Enjoy it on You Tube or my website, and be sure to visit Rony, too

Flash Question: If they made a Nina Malkin candle, what would it smell like?

Kibble.  Specifically:  Solid Gold Katz n Flocken.

Tune in next Thursday for more Q&As with Nina!

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  1. I just received the copy of Dragon’s Oath that I won. So I just wanted to stop by and say thank you! I can’t wait to read it and I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this book since I heard she was writing it! So thanks!

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