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In honor of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, we here at Novel Novice swapped interviews with The Traveling Reader! Here today to answer our questions is Mauie:

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First off, I want to thank you, Sara, for agreeing to this interview with me. I’m glad that my being an amateur blogger didn’t put you off. I haven’t been interviewed before so I’m teetering on nervousness and the need to appear witty. Haha

I love that your blog combines books & travel. Do you have any favorite book/destination combos?

So many books come to mind as most are situated outside my country (or my front door). But just as well, my favorites are those that let my imagination traipse around Europe, New York and exotic Asian locales I haven’t yet been to. Made-up locations are just as fab. I’ve recently read Gemma Burgess’ A Girl Like You and while it wasn’t the best chick lit ever, some parts made me smile because a few scenes toward the end were in Hong Kong and while reading it, I was remembering the happy memories I’ve had with my friends as we conquered Disneyland and Ocean Park back in 2008 (In my heart, I’m forever 17 *wink*).

What book(s) can you re-read over and over again and never get tired of?

Quite a few, actually. There’s Olivia Kidney Stops for No One (I’m still looking for the first and the next books in the series), Flavor of the Week (coz it’s short and it’s about food so..hehe), Legend by Jude Deveraux (my cousin was never able to return her friend’s copy coz I’ve been hogging it), Flipped by Wendelin van Draanen (took me a really really long time to find this only to get lucky and get a copy at only Php 20.00), Castellucci’s Boy Proof (it’s unique and I love the heroine’s transformation), The World’s Best Fairy Tales, A Small Pinch of Weather (I became a Joan Aiken convert after reading this one), The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Cecelia Ahern’s Love, Rosie. Two local authors have also contributed to my ever growing love for chick lit: Maya O. Calica for The Break-up Diaries and Abby Aquino for The Drama Queen (their well-thumbed copies are being borrowed at the moment).

I’m sort of obsessed with bookshelves — organizing them, re-organizing them, looking at pretty pictures of them, etc. How do you organize your shelves? (Feel free to include pictures!)

By dimensions. You see, I only have 1 bookshelf (for now). I didn’t think I would be able to buy more books than my shelf is able to handle (Boyfriend: Really, babe? With the rate you’re going, you’d probably create a library in the next 5 years. Me: Haha. You’re so funny. That’s why I heart you. NOTE: We don’t live together. We don’t even live in the same country but he gets updated with recent book purchases I’ve done. He gives me a knowing smile every time. *wink*). So to maximize space, books that are about the same size are grouped together. But it wasn’t like that when I first started organizing. I thought of devoting one compartment for YA/children’s books, another for non-fic or special topics, and the bottom shelf for trade paperbacks. But when I realized the problem I was faced, I had to redo my shelf organization plan.I’m actually glad you asked me this particular question as it gave me an opportunity to reorganize my messy shelf. I was trying to cram the books last night into the limited space afforded and my mama was like “Careful. The top portion’s already sagging.” (Yup, we’re a typical Filipino family with unmarried children enjoying the benefits and endless bantering while living with the rest of the brood. *smile*) The rest that didn’t fit are stored in my closet in case I’d grab a read anytime soon.

Why did you first start blogging? What motivates you to keep blogging now?

I first started blogging just to see what it’s all about. My friend was going on and on about her blog and one day, I just went and did it. I even picked a weird name at first not thinking I would be able to do it in the long run. Things got a bit serious for me when I was already posting a couple of reviews, travel photos, announcements for international film fests being shown here in Cebu (it helps that my friend has connections). So, it was inevitable that I would re-brand Pachuvachuva (my blog’s previous name). Since I also dabble in graphic design, I decided to overhaul my blog’s look starting with a better blog name – something that’s totally relatable and describes best what the blog is all about – then a logo/mascot (she looks cute, no?), down to the use of “official colors.” What motivates me to push further is the fun I have every time I get to post something that means to me – books, travels and everything else in between. Blogging has also contributed to my improvement in the English language. It’s not my first nor my second language but it feels great that I get to be better every time I get to use it (my boyfriend speaks only English so I have no choice but to converse with him using that or dazzle him with some choice words in my dialect, but that’s another story *wink*). Lastly, I have gained so many friends because of the blog for which I am very much grateful. They may not be the kind of friends I see everyday in person but knowing that I have touched their lives as much as they have mine is more than enough reason for me to continue blogging.

If they made a “Traveling Reader” candle, what would it smell like?

Jasmine or fresh sun-dried laundry

What’s your theme song?

Agh, difficult question as I don’t really have one. 😛

But my automatic response would be “Searchin’ My Soul” by Vonda Shepard (was an Ally McBeal fan – or of Gil Bellows – in high school). On some days I hum to Natasha Bedingfield’s “Happy”.

Favorite childhood book?

I wasn’t that lucky to have a favorite book while growing up because we didn’t have money for that then. Our library in the public school didn’t also carry books for kids. However, our teacher in third grade was able to get copies of these amazing magazines that featured several Filipino myths or superstitions rewritten for school children. And that fed my hunger for stories. I didn’t play much during lunch time anymore because I was poring over local tales and legends. No wonder I am so into fantasy, YA or MG books.

P.S. I have confessed this so many times but I’m going to say it again: I stole those magazines. I brought them home one by one and returned only those that I liked the least. Too bad the ones I got didn’t last because we’ve been hit by several typhoons in the past and my family’s priority was always our safety so the magazines were left behind while we sought shelter in evacuation centers. Until now, the loss still affects me. If only I hadn’t been selfish, more kids would have been able to read the stories that gave meaning to my lunch time.

P.P.S. Fast forward 2 years, my mama bought me my first book – Sweet Valley Twins – and I love her more for supporting my hobby. I went on to a private high school later through a scholarship and discovered Nancy Drew.

Coke or pepsi?

Pepsi!!! We own a small sari-sari store (that’s a home-based convenience store that sells goods of different variety or “sari-sari” hence the name) and sell Pepsi by 8 oz. bottles. You should see our ref crammed full of these babies. We offer the limited edition blue ones, too.

Favorite cartoon?

Princess Jasmine. I fell in love with Aladdin in grade school while watching the eponymous film in VHS at a friend’s house (it was and still is my hobby or habit to visit my classmate’s house and meet their families). Figured that if I’d be asked to portray any Disney role, hers, Pocahontas’ and Esmeralda’s would be the only ones I could actually do owing to my café au lait complexion (but the magic carpet and that big-mouth genie won me over).

Sara, thank you so much for having me. I wish I didn’t bore you (or your readers) with my extra long responses. I had so much fun and wish we could grab coffee in real life (only I’m more of a gelato girl). 😉

Thanks so much for stopping by, Mauie! Now readers — go check out her blog!

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