The Jewel & the Key by Louise Spiegler

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Time travel can be a sticky subject to tackle in fiction, but Louise Spiegler brilliantly pulls it off in her latest novel, The Jewel and the Key.

The book follows the story of Addie McNeal — who dreams of becoming an actress. After an earthquake rocks Seattle, Addie finds herself facing the good fortune of an invitation to audition at one of the city’s premiere theaters. But as Addie learns more about the theater, its generous owner, and her charming son Reg, Addie starts to notice something very strange. While things are going her way, Addie choose to look the other way — but more puzzling things keep happening, and soon Addie can’t ignore them. Just like she can’t ignore the fact that the charming Reg is determined to join the military and get himself killed in war. And that so is her best friend Whaley. That’s when Addie is determined to get to the very bottom of just what happened during Seattle’s earthquake, and solve the puzzling connection between herself and the beautiful theater, and Reg and her BFF Whaley.

I make no secret of the fact that I have a total weakness for books set in the Pacific Northwest, so I liked The Jewel and the Key instantly because it took place in Seattle. But Spiegler does a brilliant job of not only bringing the so-called Emerald City to life within the pages of her book, but she brings it alive in both the past and the present. Seattle has a great history, and it comes to life within the pages of The Jewel and the Key.

Spiegler also does a masterful job of combining historical fiction with a modern story involving time travel. And while it’s a bit more of the magical sort of time travel than the scientific sort, it works here perfectly.

Overall, she brings together a lovable cast of characters — from the charming narrator Addie, to her friends, her family, and the lively folks at the Jewel theater. They’re all people I could easily see myself spending time with, which made reading about them all the more enjoyable.

My only wish for this book was for more. The ending is sweet, and will leave you with a great feeling. But I wanted to know more of the “after” story. I’m just hoping for a companion book or a sequel, preferably from Reg’s POV.

The Jewel and the Key is in stores now!

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