Send us your questions for Swoon author Nina Malkin!

Swear by Nina Malkin, the hotly-anticipated sequel to her novel Swoon, comes out two months from today — and we’re gearing up for a VERY cool countdown to the book’s release.

I actually just recently finished reading an advanced copy of Swear, and let me tell you … you will LOVE it. It’s got all the things I loved about Swoon, yet it’s completely original!

As part of our countdown, we want YOUR questions for Nina!! What have you been dying to ask Nina about Swoon, Sin, Dice, and all the rest?

Leave your questions for her in the comments below, and we’ll pick the best questions to send to Nina for our upcoming countdown!

4 thoughts on “Send us your questions for Swoon author Nina Malkin!

Add yours

  1. Sin did many things that made me angry, like sleep with Sin cousin, but then turn around and be sweet, like with Dice at the end. How would you explain his actions throughout the book? What kind of character would you say he is? (ie villian, tortured hero, etc)

  2. Amy he was just anti-hero but was a victim of a bad situation against him. That’s what I think about Sin in my opinion.

    Hi Nina, will there be a book three exploring Dice’s new enhanced powers? That seems like fun.

    Also did Pan in, Swear, really have a thing for Dice?

    Did Pan from, Swear, really have a connection to Sin in appearance and why?

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