Five Reasons to Read Sweetly by Jackson Pearce

Sweetly by Jackson Pearce is just EIGHT DAYS AWAY … and in case you still need convincing that you should read this book, here are five more reasons:


Seriously, this book takes place largely in a sweet shop. And the way Jackson describes the candy … oh, man. You know how it’s impossible to watch the movie Chocolat without craving chocolate? Well, have some sweets handy when you read Sweetly, because pretty much the same principle applies. You’ll be craving some delicious candy when you dive into this book, and it’s just a shame that Sophia Kelly’s shop doesn’t exist in real life.

4. Shootin’ Lesssons

Okay, I don’t want to spark a debate on gun laws and whatnot … but let’s face it, there’s something bad ass about a girl who can shoot a gun. And Jackson’s books are all about kick-ass girls. So the fact that heroine Gretchen is so determined to learn how to shoot and protect herself from the Big Bad Evil Villain is pretty awesome. Then you add in the fact that the shooting lessons are with the sexy mysterious new guy in town? Swoon.

3. It’s a freakin’ crossover with Sisters Red

I loved Jackson’s previous book Sisters Red SO much. So, so much. And I was a little disappointed at first when I realized Sweetly would be a “companion” novel, and not a straight-up sequel. Oh, but it’s SO much better than that. Because we get to meet some amazing new characters, all while living in the same world and seeing hints of the events in Sisters Red creep into the plot of Sweetly. It’s really fun to watch it unfold, and there are some mind-blowing twists that will really keep you engaged right up until the very end.

2. Did I mention the sexy mysterious new guy?

Please meet Samuel. He’s broody and mysterious and a bit stand-offish sometimes. He drives a motorcycle and shoots a gun and annoys the locals. He’s also sexy as hell, and his swoon-factor only increases with each page of the book. Come, meet Samuel. Develop a new lit crush. What’s the saying? “Boys in books are better.” Yes, yes they are.

1. Girl Power

There was so much I loved about Sisters Red, but really the best part (just slightly more awesome than the sexy dudes and romance) was what I call “the Buffy factor.” That is, Jackson writes books about girls who kick butt. Both literally and figuratively. Sisters Red was chock full of strong female characters — and she’s done it again in Sweetly. It’s so great to see a girl character take charge of her own life, owning her fears and becoming determined to face them.

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