Truth & Dare: The Beauty of a Short Story Anthology

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A few months ago, I won a little mini-contest for bloggers on Twitter from author Jennifer Hubbard. I’d just recently finished her book The Secret Year, and adored it. So I was really excited that she would be sending me Truth & Dare, a YA short story anthology that she’d contributed to.

Now, it’s been a while since I received the book and I haven’t posted anything about it here yet because — well, frankly, I’m not done with it. But that’s the beauty of short story anthologies, and why I’ve loved them since I was a teenager: you can read them continuously.

As a book blogger, I never have a shortage of books to read. Some months are busier than others, with more “review deadlines” looming than others. (And by review deadlines, I mean a combination of reviews I’ve committed to posting by a certain date, either to a publisher, publicist or author; and those which I’ve set for myself). But I also try and make sure to carve out time to read the books I want. Not just the ARCs I’ve received, or books I promised to review, but the ones I went down to the store and bought with my hard-earned money simply because it looked like something I’d enjoy.

But the beauty of a short story anthology is that you can read it while tackling a pile of novels. I loved anthologies when I was a teenager, because it meant I could squeeze in some reading of my own choosing in between all the books I had to read for school. These days, I squeeze in a short story or two in between books for review or books for personal pleasure, or simply when I can’t decide what to read next.

I haven’t read all the stories in Truth & Dare yet, but I’ve been savoring everyone so far. They are beautifully written, contemporary stories that any teen will be able to relate to — from the funny, to the charming, to the sad. There really is a bit of everything — which is another wonderful thing about anthologies! You get a lot of bang for your buck!

And there are some great contributors included in this particular anthology! Besides Hubbard, some of the other authors include Sarah Rees Brennan, Cecil Castellucci, Heidi R. Kling, Liz Miles, Saundra Mitchell, and many, many more.

So if you can’t decide what to read, or want something to help fill in the gaps between your next book (or your next assigned reading material), check out Truth & Dare … or any short story anthology!

Here’s a few other anthologies I’d recommend:

For the comments: Do you have a favorite anthology, or individual short story? Share it in the comments below!


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  1. I’ve read Geektastic, it was a fun read! I’m actually starting an anthology feature on my blog where I’m going to chat up the individual stories as opposed to the whole book. That way more attention can be paid. 🙂

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