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This week, we’re featuring Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce — as we get ready for the companion novel Sweetly, in stores in just two weeks!

Last year, after Sisters Red came out, we sat down with Jackson to chat with her about the book and what she was working on next. Here’s a bit of what she had to say:

There’s a lot of background in Sisters Red regarding legends, fairy tales, etc. How much research/what kind of research went in to crafting your own take on these legends, myths, etc.?

I read just about every version of Little Red Riding Hood out there, and also researched a little on the Grimm brothers themselves. For creating the Fenris, I relied heavily on a Norse mythical beast, the Fenrir, who was an enormous killer wolf. The story is really a combination of fairytales, myths, and my own ideas!

Besides Little Red Riding Hood, what were some of your influences when writing Sisters Red?

Several other fairytales came into play– Snow White and Rose Red being the most notable of the pack. As I mentioned earlier, I used quite a bit of Norse mythology, and even a few bits of the Grimm brothers’ real lives. I think the biggest influence, however, was my relationship with my own sister, and looking at how it changed and developed over the course of our childhoods and early adulthoods.

What, in particular, about the Little Red Riding Hood story inspired you? Why find inspiration to modernize/retell from some other fairy tale?

Little Red Riding Hood has so many layers– it’s a warning story, a story about morality, a lesson, a story about a little girl wandering away from safehaven, a girl lost in the forest, a girl distracted by pretty things, a girl ignorant of danger, a monster in disguise…there were just so many ways to interpret and retell the original fairytale. It was ripe for a new interpretation! I tried to incorporate multiple themes and symbols from the original story into SISTERS RED.

See the rest of our Sisters Red Q&A with Jackson here … and stay tuned for a new interview with Jackson later this month, in which we delve into Sweetly and what she’s working on now!

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