Andrea Cremer: Wolfsbane Q&A

We’re delighted to be one of the stops on the official blog tour for Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer, now in stores. Today, we’ve got both an exclusive Q&A with Andrea AND your chance to win both of her books, Nightshade and Wolfsbane. Keep reading for more details!

It sounds like your characters go through a lot of things most teens don’t have to deal with. (Thank gosh for that, right?) But in what ways do you think your characters are like the “typical teen”?

I think the reason the characters in Nightshade‘s world remain relevant to teens is that they are all trying to discover who they are and what their role in the world will be. Also, falling in love for the first time, dealing with the pressures of school and family, and knowing what makes a true friend are part of being human – no matter what otherworldly pressures might also be present!

Destiny. Freedom. True love. Why do these themes always make for a compelling story?

They are universal ideas that philosophers and artists have grappled with throughout history. We all want to know if there is such a thing as fate, if soul mates are real, what the cost of freedom is – and why it’s worth great sacrifice.

If you had to pick characters from another book (not one you wrote) for the Nightshade/Wolfsbane kids to hang out with, who would it be?

I think the young wolves of Nightshade would relate very closely with the tributes from Hunger Games. Calla and Katniss have a lot in common. And the Guardians are used to fighting for their lives. Plus, Shay and Ren would be able to bond with Gale and Peeta over trying to win over their respect love interests.

If you met someone in a bookstore, and they were thinking about buying your book, what would you say to convince them?

I hope my readers find Nightshade‘s world and characters surprise them. A common email/tweet/blog comment I get is something like “I took forever to read your book because I was tired of paranormal romance, but Nightshade isn’t at all what I expected.” Calla’s world is complex, full of twists and turns, and is much more than a love story. It’s not a werewolf book, it’s not what you usually find in paranormal. I want readers to lose themselves in this story and become as invested in the lives and choices of the characters as I am.

What question do you always wish someone would ask you during an interview?

I like funny questions – like the favorite cartoon question that’s coming. But since you’ve already asked that, let’s go with: If you had to give up coffee or chocolate, which would it be?

Now answer that question.

Chocolate. (But I would cry.)

If they made an Andrea Cremer candle, what would it smell like?

I love this question!!! It would smell like cedar, sandalwood, and lily of the valley.

Favorite cartoon?

Tough! I love cartoons. It would be a tie between X-Men and Transformers. But I also love Voltron, She-Ra (and He-Man), and My Little Pony.

Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate (though as I said above, I’d give it up for coffee).

Your personal theme song?

It changes based on what’s happening in my life. Right now I’d say: Helena Beat by Foster the People.

You’re on a deserted island and have to read one book for the rest of your life. What is it?

Watership Down by Richard Adams

Favorite book as a child?

Watership Down has been my favorite book since I was ten. When I was younger I read any books pertaining to horses, Marguerite Henry and Walter Farley being two of my favorite horsey authors. I also loved Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain and Susan Cooper’s Dark is Rising series. I also have very fond memories of Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar.

Secret talent?

Singing. I’m a soprano.

 Thanks, Andrea!

And now, thanks to the fine folks at Penguin, we are giving you a chance to win a set of Andrea’s books …

The Contest:

Just fill out the Novel Novice + Wolfsbane Contest Entry Form and you’ll automatically be entered to win!

The Prize:

One (1) winner will receive a paperback copy of Nightshade *and* a hardcover of Wolfsbane

The Rules:

  • U.S. only
  • One entry per person
  • Use the entry form

The Deadline:

All entries are due on Saturday, August 6th by midnight (PT).

Questions? Leave ’em in the comments & we’ll reply!

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  1. The first book was amazing – I couldnt put it down. I was so excited for a new thrilling series but this book let me down. It went absolutely no where in regards to plot and character development. I almost wish I read Nightshade as a stand alone.

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