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If you or your friends haven’t gotten around to reading The Hunger Games series yet, we have to ask … why the heck not?!?!

Okay, okay … truly, if you haven’t picked up these books yet, now is the perfect time. Novel Novice is teaming up with The Hunger Games Examiner and Scholastic to offer you a chance to win all three books!

Here’s how you can enter:

Comment on this blog post with your favorite summer reading memory, then submit the contest entry form to be automatically entered.

You can get an additional entry by also commenting on this Hunger Games Examiner article about the contest.

The Prizes:

One (1) winner will receive a set of all 3 Hunger Games books in hardcover, along with a Scholastic Summer Challenge bookmark.

The Rules:

  • U.S. only
  • One entry form per person
  • Be sure to comment below AND submit the entry form
  • An additional entry can be earned by ALSO commenting on the Hunger Games Examiner article

The Deadline:

All entries are due by Friday, July 29th at midnight (PT).

Winner will be chosen over the weekend & announced online.

Questions? Leave ’em in the comments & we’ll reply.

The Scholastic Summer Challenge, now in its fifth year, encourages kids to read independently over the summer and log the minutes they spend reading online. Kids who participate are then entered to win rewards points and other cool prizes through Scholastic’s Summer Challenge website.

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62 responses to “Win The Hunger Games Trilogy & Scholastic bookmark

  1. Victoria Kennedy

    My favorite summer reading memory was when Breaking Dawn was released. I went to the midnight book release party then read the whole book in less than 2 days. I couldn’t put that book down. Reading helps me escape into another world for a brief, but precious amount of time. πŸ˜€
    ~Victoria Kennedy

  2. Jenn Huang

    My favorite summer reading memory was one week after high school ended, and I just sat down with all of John Green’s books in front of me and read them straight through until I was done.

  3. Thank you for the awesome giveaway! I loved the Hunger Games. My favorite summer reading experience ironiclly happened yesterday. I was sitting on the beach reading The Demon Trappers Daughter. The wind was mild so i just set the book down on our little fold out table and went to go swim for a bit. I had walked maybe two feet when a huge gust of wind came and blew it off and it started rolling. Luckily a really cute lifegaurd saw what happened and chased it down for me. Not only did I get my book back safe except for some sand but I met a cute guy too!

  4. Sarah Parker

    My favorite summer reading memory was the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I got it at a midnight release at Barnes and Noble and drove straight home to read it almost non stop for two days. It was intense and I’ll admit I cried during certain parts. Harry Potter opened my eyes to the literary world that before I just couldn’t embrace!

  5. Rosa Coletti

    My favorite summer reading memory was when I got to put the stickers on the paper for every book I read. I don’t remember what books I read, just the glee of putting a sticker on the paper and filling it up.

  6. Hannah

    My favorite summer reading memory was this year at the beach. I just layed out in the sun and got a tan while reading. I was able to read seven books in one day. It felt good just to relax and read a book to get away from all the stress of day-to-day life.

  7. Victoria Zumbrum

    I have no favorite memory. I just enjoy reading in general and I love reading alot of books throughout the whole year.

  8. I guess my favorite summer reading was a few years ago when I discovered the twilight series and I read them super fast because if the book is good I can’t stop reading… But I also love this summer reading because Ive been reading some biographies and autobiographis which is something new to me. I read Vincente Minnelli autobiography he was a Movie director from the 40’s – 60’s imagine all his tellings of movies stars from the golden era, incredible. I’ve also been reading tons of biographies of Judy Garland (se played Dorothy in the wizard of oz) but she was more than our beloved character Dorothy, she is the “world greates entertainer” so I read some from biographer John Fricke and also the book of the “making and restoration of the movie a star is born” which Judy Garland was the leading lady… Anyways you get the picture, is great to read novels and so own but biographies of the old time movie stars are incredible if you are a movie lover. =)

  9. Favorite summer reading memory… Gotta think. It was probably the summer I bought Linger by Maggie Stiefvater and read it in less than a day. I was so excited to be reading it and to be away from my parents at my sister’s house. Although I have read A LOT this summer, there were only a few that stood out and none of them impacted me as much as Linger.

  10. Michelle R.

    My favorite summer reading memory is from when I was a child. We had a huge tree with strategically-placed boards. I’d climb that tree with three or four apples and a book (not sure now how I managed that!) and would read the afternoons away. Sounds very “Anne of Green Gables,” doesn’t it? I’m sure those were among the books I was reading and probably where I got the idea!

  11. Great giveaway, haven’t read the hunger Games trilogy but would love to. My favorite summer reading times were back at the house I grew up in. I would just sit on my window set and read all day. I would love to just sit there and look out the window and get lost in a book. It was always my favortie place in the house. I miss having a great place like that to just sit and get lost in a great book.

  12. I’ll never forget the summer that I got introduced to The Hardy Boys mysteries. I remember walking to our public library (only two blocks away) and checking out my first one. The next day, I was there when the library opened to check that one back in (I had spent the previous day reading it) and check out another! I spent many days reading and then walking to/from the library in our small town (population 700) reading Hardy Boys mysteries!

  13. My favorite summer reading memory is the summer that Breaking Dawn came out. I hadn’t read the Twilight books yet, even though I’d been told I needed to, so since it was in the news so much, I decided to finally start. I finished the first one at 1 am, slept a little bit and went as soon as the bookstore opened the next morning to buy the rest of the series. I didn’t do anything that entire week except for read those books (and say up way too late doing so!), but it was such fun to get to read them all in a row. And my 8th grade students totally appreciated that I’d read them all and loved them as much as they did when school started back up again.

  14. My favorite summer reading memory is being holed up in my room for hours reading Agatha Christie mysteries until my parents would say, “You need to come out and spend some time with people. It’s not good to spend that much time alone.” I wasn’t alone; I was trying to keep up with Hercule Poirot! Not an easy task.

  15. kristina shields

    My favorite summer reading memory was when Breaking Dawn was released. I went to the midnight celebration with some friends and bought the book and finished it right away to the early hours of the morning.

  16. Amy C

    I read Zombies vs Unicorns a few weeks back, and completely and utterly fell in “Love Will Tear Us Apart” because it was one of the most beautiful love stories I’d ever read.

  17. My favorite summer reading memory was during maybe the fourth or fifth grade and clicking on the flashlight late at night to read under the covers. In fact, I still do that, but it’s much more convenient because my Nook has a backlight and there’s no need to physically turn the page whilst attempting to keep a flashlight propped in the air.

    -Carina L. Tai

  18. Brandi Jett

    My favorite summer reading memory was the summer between fourth and fifth grade when I read Mary Kate and Ashley books every single day during the summer. I always liked to read, but that summer and those books made me the gigantic book worm I am now.

  19. Mine has to be on the day Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows released. I didn’t get it at midnight but I was at Target and I got the last copy of the book they had. I had a very bitter sweet day as I read about the ending!

  20. My favorite summer reading memory was 4 years ago when I read the whole Harry Potter series in just a few weeks. I remembered how much I LOVED reading and it has become a lifestyle for me now.

  21. There is nothing better on a hot summer day than lounging on the couch with a good book. My favorite memories are re-reading the Harry Potter series–especially Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It’s probably my favorite of the series. Also, I remember waiting for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Breaking Dawn of the Twilight Saga to come out. I preordered those babies about six months before they released. I thought those days would never arrive!

  22. April Hartman

    My favorite summer reading memory was when I was a kid that parents could not afford to bring all four of us to the public library so when the BOOK MOBILE came around we got to hang out with the librarians on the bus and earn points reading our summer books to win prizes. I love to read and that created a way for me to read without my parents having to feel bad. I love the BOOK MOBILE. Just wish my daughter could have those cool experiences too!

  23. Dawn

    My favorite summer memory of reading is when I was a teenager, finding a great book, laying in my hammock and letting the book take me away to places I never dreamed I’d go to. Always have loved escaping in a great book, still do!

  24. Joder

    My favorite memory of the last few summers is buying the newest Stephanie Plum series book from Janet Evanovich. Sitting on the patio drinking lemonade while laughing hysterically at the antics of Steph and Lula has brought many smiles to my face the last few years.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  25. Paige B.

    Thank you so much for this giveaway I absolutely love the Hunger Games series because of it’s amazingness! My favorite summer reading memory is when I was at my relatives in South Carolina and and I read all nine of the Night World series books and I loved them! It was relaxing and fun at the same time!

  26. My favorite summer reading memory would have to be the time I went to the beach with my family, but took a book along. I ended up reading the entire book right there on the beach and got a serious sun burn but it was so worth it!

  27. Ashley Kendall

    My favorite summer memory is getting to pick a free book from school before school let out , getting the thickest one i could find, and reading all day, no interruptions πŸ™‚

  28. My favorite summer memory of reading was the summer I first discovered The Mortal Instrument series and the first two were out and City of Glass was about to come out. I was so engrossed and in love with it that my love for it has surpassed my love of Twilight!

  29. Deserae McGlothen

    My favorite summer reading memory was the summer I discovered Hogwarts. It’d been a long day after my dance practice and I saw a girl with a book whose cover was adorned with a boy on a broomstick. I asked her what it was about and she said, “Harry Potter, a boy wizard.” She let me see it while she went to practice with her class and I devoured the first two (or three?) chapters within the hour. I remember that summer because she’d started a spark in me that lasted… I don’t know… eleven?… twelve years… Thank you Hannah V. And thank God for Harry Potter.

  30. My favorite summer reading memory is definitely sitting in the sunroom at our apartment on the lake and reading all day. We usually only visit there during the summer and it is always so nice! I can listen to the sounds of the lake while losing myself in a great book. πŸ™‚

  31. Rachel

    My favorite summer reading memory is from when I was younger and I started reading the Nancy Drew books. I used to go to the library every week and check out a huge stack of them, then stay up all night reading. I went on vacation at one point and packed a suitcase so full of books I barely had room for any clothes. I loved the Nancy Drew books so much that I finished the entire series in only a few weeks.

  32. Amanda

    One of my favorite reading memories goes back to high school. I was looking for something interesting to read and came across mary higgins clark. The first book I ever read of hers during the summer was “Loves Music, Loves to Dance.” The book just grabbed me and I couldn’t put it down. Since then I have read all her books πŸ™‚

  33. Kimberly B ea

    My favorite summer time reading memory is when I was a kid and had to go to bed when it was still light out, I would sneak a book into bed with me and read as long as I could. My mom caught me and told me, “If you wanted to stay up and read, you should have asked!” I said, “May I stay up and read?” She said, “no!” And you wonder why I didn’t ask?!
    Thanks for the great giveaway. I’ve only read book 1, and I’m chomping at the bit to read the other two!

  34. Kim Russo

    What can I say this is one of the best, right up there with all of my other fav reads. The best thing about summer is when it is too hot to go outside then you get to hang out with a good book!

  35. Chelsea B.

    My favorite summer reading memory is simple, really: sitting inside in my comfy chair, AC blasting, ice tea on hand πŸ™‚

  36. carmen sluiter

    my favorite summer reading memory is just relaxing on a summer evening with a good book…

  37. My favorite summer reading memory would have to be last year. I read about 20 books last year and I loved every single book. It was kinda late, but I read all the Harry Potter books that summer as well as books like The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Percy Jackson series, My Sister’s Keeper, and a few more. Last year was the year that I fell in love with reading. I didn’t read much before but last summer changed me. Now I love reading and I love the feeling of escaping reality and getting lost inside a book.

  38. Julie

    My favorite summer reading memory is doing the reading program at my library! for each half hour you read, you mark it.. and I reached my goal today! 100 hours so far! I’m very happy!!

  39. My favorite summer reading memory was the beginning of this summer. I had a few weeks off, and was able to get up every morning, select a book, find a nice coffee shop, and simply read all day. It was wonderful.

  40. Kayla Bouy

    My favorite summer reading memory would have to be when I was required to read The Giver for my high school english class. I dragged my feet all summer before reading it and the last day of summer vacation I finally broke down and started it. I finished in about 6 hours and couldn’t put it down. I turned right back around and reread it again that same day.

  41. Chary

    My favorite summer memory is reading HP6 @ the pool during my kids’ swim lessons. Aah, a little peaceful and quiet time!

  42. Stephanie K.

    My favorite summer reading memory would be when I read the Harry Potter series for the first time, a few years ago.

  43. Angie

    My favorite summer reading memory would have to be when my dad bought me the Gallagher Girls series by and I didn’t sleep until I finished them =)

  44. My favorite summer reading memory was in 2008. I was reading through the night to finish the twilight series, and went out twice in the middle of the night to buy both New Moon, and Eclipse because I couldn’t wait a minute more than i absolutely had to to start reading the next one. I remember going to the midnight release party at B&N with a friend and thinking it was the most addicting book series I’d read since Harry Potter. <3
    ~Sabrina K

  45. Linda: By the Book

    Summer is my favorite season to relax, tan, and read! The summer before high school was great because I didn’t start working yet and I had tons of free-time. I became great friends with my local librarian and spent a lot of my time reading in the library or by the pool. The best part was that I could get all my beauty sleep! I don’t have to read till dawn to finish a book since I had all day. πŸ™‚

  46. Justine

    I remember waiting for the mailman to deliver Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on a sunny July day. I spent an entire day devouring that book on my bed even though the gorgeous weather should have beckoned me outdoors. My brother received his copy earlier in the day than I did, so he called me to discuss the book before I was done. He urged me, “Hurry up and finish!” My brother was previously a reluctant reader, so it feels like like a personal triumph that I was able to bond with him and engage him in reading through the Harry Potter series.

  47. April Muncy

    My favorite summertime reading memory was when I was at the library for their summer reading program and it was the first time I had heard “where the wild things are” I loved it!

  48. My favorite summer reading memory was when I was in Italy and I had a fight with my sister, so it was just my friend and I in the hotel. I broke out Sarah Dessen’s THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER, and I fell in love with reading all over again. Now, I never stop buying books πŸ™‚

  49. Leigh Smith

    My favorite summer reading memory is reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince out side in my back yard on the most beautiful day. Then crying my eyes out when I was done.

  50. PamM

    My favorite summer reading memory is that ive just started to really find a lot of good books this year. It is the first year ive got to sit down and read lots and lots of books.

  51. Meriam Lahrichi

    Thank you for this giveaway. I havent got a chance to read the Hunger Games books, so I would love to win the books. My favorite summer memory is when I was about 7, and I discovered the library that was really near to my house. I sat in the aisles of the library for over 4 hours and left with about twenty books. Ever since than, I have loved going to the library, and always seem to get a ton of books to read when I’m there. I now try to get my little brothers as excited as I was about reading books.

  52. Kaya H

    My fav. Summer memory from this year was spending three days in a yurt on a lake kayaking with my parents. We bbq’d and fished (caught none but tried) and listened to our family friends bluegrass band by the water. There were a lot of smores and hot dogs.

    I just finished the Hunger Games so this would be fabulous.

  53. Teri C

    I went to Portland, OR last summer and it was great. I went to Powells and got lost for three house in great books, then we took Trimet transit all over town and ate so many cupcakes and coffees. There were all of these foodcarts whenever we got hungry and we saw several author signings around the are. I was the best summer ever! I brought home a stack of new book!

  54. April Sapp

    Some of my favorite memories involve me and a book in a rocking chair on my front porch. πŸ™‚

  55. April Sapp

    Some of my favorite summer reading memories involve me and a book in the rocking chair on my front porch. πŸ™‚

  56. Tatum Draper

    hi i love the hunger games and so do all of my friends at every sleepover i would bring book 1 and my friends would bring the others we even went and saw the movie together.
    My favorite summer memory is probaly last year i was at my friends house and we were talking about how awesome it would be to be in the hinger games so we called more of are friends over and we acted like we where all in the hunger games it was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!

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