Hourglass author Myra McEntire’s Fav. Southern Spots: Pt 2

Today we continue our look at Hourglass author Myra McEntire’s favorite Southern spots!

6. Downtown Nashville, Tennessee: I could people watch there for HOURS. Also, lots of live music and spectacular food.

7. Destin, Florida: Once I visited the white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast, I was hooked. (Rachel Hawkins is also a fan of Destin – we discovered we stay in the same hotel when we go!)
8. Hilton Head, South Carolina: You can’t beat the island vibe! Or the seafood. (Apparently, reading over my choices, I am a fan of food.)
9. Decatur, Georgia: Attending the Decatur Book Festival was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done in the south, and I’m SO EXCITED to be participating as an author this year! The town is charming and walkable, and contains the Little Shop of Stories! So cool!
10. Chattanooga, Tennessee: It’s a pretty open secret that I really, really, really want to move here. Lookout Mountain calls to me, and there’s also Rock City and Ruby Falls! And don’t forget the aquarium!
For the comments: Anyone else ready to plan a vacation to the South? Tell us which places you’d most like to visit!

2 thoughts on “Hourglass author Myra McEntire’s Fav. Southern Spots: Pt 2

Add yours

  1. I love Ruby Falls in Chattanooga! They are beautiful.

    But my favorite spot would have to be historical Charleston, South Carolina. Rainbow Row is beautiful, and you can go on a ghost tour (it’s really cool).

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