Hourglass author Myra McEntire’s Fav. Southern Spots: Pt 1

One of the most distinguished “characters” in Hourglass by Myra McEntire isn’t a character at all; it’s the setting. The South is such a vibrant part of the United States, and it’s given such a starring role in Hourglass that we couldn’t ignore it. So we asked Myra herself to share her favorite “Southern spots” with us. She gave us her top ten. Here are her first five favorites; you’ll get the other five tomorrow!

1. Asheville, North Carolina: The downtown area of Asheville just has a VIBE to it. It’s artsy, fun and easily walkable. I also love the Biltmore House and Grove Park Inn.

2. Franklin, Tennessee: History, shopping, and lots of cultural events. I love it so much I based Ivy Springs on it!

3. Bays Mountain, Kingsport, Tennessee: This one’s a little nostalgic. I grew up in Kingsport, and took a field trip to Bays Mountain almost every year I was in school. I just visited again last week with my boys, and it’s still spectacular!
4. Gatlinburg, Tennessee: I love mountains. I mean, I obsessively love mountains. Not only is there shopping in Gatlinburg, or quaint little restaurants, but is also boasts Cade’s Cove, which has to be seen to be believed! Part of my heart is always in the Smoky Mountains.
5. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee: Dollywood. That’s not all that Pigeon Forge has to offer, but it’s my favorite!

For the comments:
Have you visited the South? What are your favorite places?

2 thoughts on “Hourglass author Myra McEntire’s Fav. Southern Spots: Pt 1

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  1. I live in Columbia, SC, but I grew up going to Gatlinburg, TN every summer from the time I was 3 months old (which was many moons ago). I loved to watch Aunt Mahalia’s make stick candy and the Smokey Mountain Taffy Co. make taffy.
    My son decided to go to UT in Knoxville so my love of Tennessee continued. Now, he and his wife and hew son live in Franklin. I love Franklin as well as Nashville. I remember several years ago I could not put down the book, The Widow of the South. I cannot wait for Hourglass and glad to know about Ivy Springs.

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