The Billionaire’s Curse by Richard Newsome

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In The Billionaire’s Curse by Richard Newsome, Gerald Wilkins has always been your typical 13-year-old. So when he first finds out that his great-aunt Geraldine has been murdered, he is pretty surprised. But she’s not just his great-aunt. She’s his super duper rich great aunt. And in her will, she leaves this typical 13-year-old boy everything. Seriously, from all of her mansions, to nearly every single cent she has. Gerald soon gets a strange letter from beyond the grave. Of course, it’s from Geraldine. What does it say? She wants him and his friends, Sam and Ruby Valentine, to figure out who murdered her and to find out who stole her valuable diamond.

I liked this book. It was the sort of book that pulls me in from the beginning. I think it would be SO cool to be Gerald, because of the TOTALLY awesome things he gets from his aunt AND for getting to solve an exciting mystery. Also, it was a mystery/adventure which  to me is perfect because that is the best mix.

Another reason I thought this was a good book was because it was well-written. It had exciting vocabulary (roiling, sodden, coiffed…) funny parts, times that made me tense and chapters with pure adventure. In the end, it all added up and everything made sense.

My favorite character in this book was probably Gerald. He was so respectful about getting that enormous fortune. A lot of his relatives were REALLY jealous of him because they hardly got anything. They were jealous because he was so young and he didn’t even know his great-aunt! But Gerald was treating it like it was no big deal and he wasn’t bragging about it or anything like that. I thought that was really cool.

Overall, it was a good read. I recommend it to lovers of adventure and mystery. But just because you don’t like adventure or mystery, does not mean you shouldn’t try it. Actuallly, I hope everybody will, because I think you will like it.

The Billionaire’s Curse is available now in paperback!


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