Hourglass by Myra McEntire: Official Music Playlist

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Today, we’re delighted to bring you the playlist for Hourglass by Myra McEntire. Myra tells us that the playlist for Hourglass actually has over 50 songs on it, so for today’s post, we’re bringing you what she calls the “top ten.”

  1. “Straightjacket Feeling” – The All-American Rejects
  2. “Vulnerable” – Secondhand Serenade
  3. “In My Solitude” – Billie Holiday
  4. “42” – Coldplay
  5. “Insane in the Brain” – Cypress Hill
  6. “Dancing” – Elisa
  7. “Beautiful Mess” – Jason Mraz
  8. “Chill Out” – John Lee Hooker
  9. “By Myself” – Linkin Park 
  10. “Get It Shawty” – Lloyd

I love how completely eclectic this playlist is! Even as different/random as some of the songs may seem, they each make perfect sense when I think about the different parts of Hourglass!

For the comments: What other songs would you put on the Hourglass playlist?


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