Myra McEntire: Hourglass Q&A Part 2

Today, we bring you part two of our three-part interview with Hourglass author Myra McEntire. Be sure to check out part 1, before checking out today’s Q&A:

How would the story be different if it were told from Michael’s POV? From Kaleb’s? 

I plead the fifth.

Near the end, Emerson notices some hourglasses on a shelf that weren’t there before. Will we learn their significance later in the series?

*cough* Maybe. *cough* (DANG YOU ASK GOOD QUESTIONS. It’s like you PAID ATTENTION.)

Speaking of the series, what can you tell us about the next books, and how many are planned?

I have sold (and written) the sequel. I have a third and fourth book in my mind. If I get to write one or both, the way book two ends will change significantly. *cough*

How much physics research did you have to do to write the time travel aspects of HOURGLASS? What other kinds of research did you do?

SO. SO. MUCH. I have a friend who’s a retired theoretical physicist (like, at thirty something retired) and he gave me some excellent input. The Morgan Freeman THROUGH THE WORMHOLE series helped, as did several theories by Stephen Hawking. If you look up wormhole theories, and negative matter (also called exotic matter, and yes, I picked exotic because it sounded … more exotic), you can see where my theories came from. I didn’t want to use the convention of a machine, so that’s where the other elements came in. And the Novikov Principle is real.

The characters of HOURGLASS have sort of a “super team” going on. So we want to know … which comic book super team is your favorite: the X-Men, the Avengers, the Justice League?

Something else? True story. I hadn’t seen any of the X-Men movies until after I’d revised HOURGLASS for my agent before going on submission. We were talking about my ideas for the sequel, and she said, “You know, it reminds me of X-Men.” I watched the first movie when I was on submission! Honestly, it’s too hard to pick between the X-Men and the Justice League. (Because I totally had Wonder Woman Underoos as a kid.)

“Dr. Who” or “Back to the Future?”

DOCTOR WHO. Although The Husband watches Back to the Future EVERY TIME IT’S ON.

We know you’re a “Dr. Who” fan … so which Doctor is your favorite? 

They all have such a different flavor! But Matt Smith has the best hair.

Part three of our Q&A arrives tomorrow!

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