Hourglass by Myra McEntire: Sara’s Review

Take one part X-Men, one part The Time Traveler’s Wife, add in a charming Southern setting, a heavy dose of angst and romance, and a generous splash of Myra McEntire’s signature sense of humor — and the result is Hourglass, McEntire’s debut novel. Telling the story of 17-year-old Emerson Cole, Hourglass is a fantastic, fun and thrilling read from start to finish.

Ever since she was 14, Emerson has seen phantoms of the past — Civil War soldiers, swooning Southern Belles, and the like. Following the death of their parents, Emerson’s well-meaning older brother has called in all sorts of experts (and hacks) to try and help her get rid of the visions. But it’s not until the mysterious Michael shows up from the Hourglass organization that Emerson starts to truly learn about her ability. But as much as Michael brings answers, he also brings more questions and conundrums to Emerson’s life — not the least of which is the sizzling electricity (literally, electricity) that sparks between them any time they touch. And then there are the figurative sparks between Emerson and Michael … and also Michael’s friend, Kaleb.

Hourglass is something refreshingly new in YA, presenting an exciting new twist on the science fiction theme of time travel and giving it new life for the teen reader. And while supernatural romance is big in YA, the genre hasn’t seen anything with this sci fi twist — until now.

McEntire masterfully combines the elements of science fiction, with the charming Southern culture of her setting, the toe-curling romance and a unique, quirky sense of humor that readers will find delightful. What will really draw readers in are her characters — Emerson is an engaging protagonist, with a unique perspective on life and an honesty that can be hard to capture in YA. But her surrounding characters are equally engaging — not just the handsome and charming Michael, but also his troubled friend Kaleb, Emerson’s big brother and his wife, and the occasional phantoms from the past. Even the villains are interesting and unique.

More than anything else, Hourglass is simply fun to read. It sweeps you up in the excitement, adventure, mystery, and setting — and you’ll have no problem going along for the ride with McEntire’s cast of unforgettable characters. I can’t wait to see where this new series goes next.

Hourglass is in stores June 14th — and is being featured all month long here at Novel Novice as our June Book of the Month!

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