Review: Ten Things We Did by Sarah Mlynowski

It’s outrageous. At times, it’s a bit ridiculous. It’s honest. It’s real. And for the most part, it’s absolutely hilarious.

I’m talking, of course, about Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn’t Have) by Sarah Mlynowski.

The book tells the outrageous story of 16-year-old April, who cons her parents into letting her live with her friend Vi unsupervised in a house all to themselves — and the hijinks that ensue. (Of course, the parentals don’t know April & Vi are unsupervised … that’s the first thing they shouldn’t have done: lied to their parents). But while it may be every teen’s dream to live alone unsupervised, April learns it’s not exactly the brightest idea. And Ten Things We Did shows you exactly why it’s a bad idea.

Mlynowski’s writing style is fresh and approachable. She writes in such a carefree way, that it’s simply fun to read. She’s got a sharp wit and a sarcastic humor that carries a consistent tone throughout the entire book, from the lighter moments right on through to the heavier subjects.

Some of what happens to April and Vi is a bit outrageous, and sometimes feels a bit over-the-top, and yet … isn’t that what you’d expect from two teen girls left to their own devices? (I mean, who wouldn’t buy a hot tub when given the chance, right?)

There are moments when, as an older reader, I wanted to pull April aside, grab her by the shoulders, and ask, Are you freaking nuts? Aren’t you thinking this through?! But that’s just the point. April is a teenager, and her thoughts and actions are the honest and realistic thoughts and actions of a teenager. As a reader who’s learned these lessons already, it was frustrating — but for a teen character, it was a refreshingly honest characteristic.

Ten Things We Did  has arrived just in time for summer, and it really is a sweet, funny book to help you escape from life for a few hours. So if you’re headed out to the beach or on vacation, or simply need a book to curl up with in the sun, grab a copy of Ten Things We Did and start reading!

Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn’t Have) is in stores today!

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