Review: The Time Traveling Fashionista by Bianca Turestsky

For readers who may not have seen the Leo & Kate blockbuster movie Titanic, Bianca Turetsky’s The Time Traveling Fashionista offers a whimsical twist on the doomed voyage suitable for a younger audience.

The book follows 12-year-old Louise Lambert on her adventures on the Titanic — when a gorgeous gown magically transports her from present day New York to the deck of the Titanic, and a glamorous lifestyle she’s only dreamed of. Though she likes the glitz and the glamor, Louise soon learns that this life she’s dreamed of isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And then there’s the whole “doomed voyage” that she’s trapped on. It’s not long before Louise is longing to return to her droll life. Of course, figuring out how to do that will be a bit tricky.

Though marketed as YA, The Time Traveling Fashionista is probably better geared towards Middle Grade readers. The story is whimsical and charming and sweet, and girls will instantly relate to Louise’s feelings of unease and discomfort that come with those pre-teen years. We’ve all been there!

MG readers will also appreciate the magical feeling to Louise’s time aboard the Titanic, pre-sinking at least. The sort of luxury Louise experiences is unlike anything most modern kids will know — and it’s easy to see how Louise could get swept up in the majesty of it all.

Likewise, budding young fashionistas will truly enjoy the detailed descriptions of Louise’s gowns and the other clothing featured in the book. Sandra Suy’s illustrations are simply gorgeous, as well, and help bring both the whimsy of Turetsky’s story and the beauty of the clothing to life.

If there’s a young fashionista in your life, The Time Traveling Fashionista is the perfect adventure for them to read. Turetsky is also planning additional stories in the series.

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