City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare (Audio Book Edition)

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I confess, I’ve never been a person to listen to audio books. Mostly because I get distracted and stop paying attention, but also because I generally prefer reading at my own pace (which is fairly fast). But the audio book for Cassandra Clare’s City of Fallen Angels has gotten me hooked.

This recording, featuring Ed Westwick and Molly Quinn, made me fall in love with City of Fallen Angels all over again.

Westwick is perfectly charming narrating the chapters the more prominently feature Simon, and the various voices and inflections he employs when reading dialogue from different characters are spot-on. They add a whole new level of entertainment and enjoyment to the audiobook; it’s less like listening to a book, and more like listening to a one-man dramatic reenactment of the entire scene.

Likewise, Quinn captures all the charm of Clary Fray in the chapters she narrates — and female readers will feel an instant connection with her.

What’s so cool about the City of Fallen Angels audiobook is that it brings Cassie Clare’s world to life in a whole new way. For any true fan of The Mortal Instruments, the City of Fallen Angels audiobook is a must-have experience.

Here are some ways you can preview it before you buy:

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5 responses to “City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare (Audio Book Edition)

  1. Stephanie

    I didn’t have the time to actually read the series, even though I’d heard so many rave reviews for it, so I opted to listening to the series via audiobook. I instantly fell in love with book 1 and the following 2 books were of the same quality as far as narrating and character voices. I was actually a little disappointed with the narration of book 4. Maybe it was because I listened to them all back to back, but I had a hard time adjusting to the 2 readers instead of just one. Also, I found it annoying when the female reader in book 4 consistantly pronounced names differently than they had been pronounced in the previous 3 books…like the ‘stele’ and ‘Idris’. Overall though, the readers did a good job and the story itself is so good, I couldn’t stop listening.

    • Mina Blak

      Stephanie, I completely agree with you: I found the 4th TMI (CoFA)audiobook to be the most annoying and disappointing. I loved listening to CoB narrated by Ari Graynor and LOVED loved CoA and CoG narrated by Natalie Moore. I would listen to and truly enjoy them on a regular basis and they complemented Cassie’s awesome books perfectly. Both Ari And Natalie did a fantastic job, brought every character to life by giving them an authentic, individual voice and personality, to the point that it made you feel and experience what those characters would really sound like. I’d hoped that Natalie Moore would’ve continued narrating the rest of the books in the series…Unfortunately no such luck, CoFA was a HUGE disappointment. Ed and Molly sound completely amateurish, make characters sound flat and passionless, and at times outright ridiculous. Ed’s Simon sounds like a complete dork and his Jace like he’s been lobotomised. Molly is worse out of the two, she made me want to fall asleep, was so quiet and way too frequently paused in between words and sentences and enunciated the wrong words – awful!! Not to mention the wrong pronunciation of sooo many key words like stele, Amatis, Taki’s, Kealie, Lucian, Maryse, Idris…..uuugh, I could just go on. It made me feel really sad and frustrated and I didn’t like having it narrated by 2 people; it wasn’t even done so that Molly was doing the female voices and Ed the male; it seemed really stupid, random and pointless. This audiobook completely ruined the experience for me and it feels like Simon & Shuster picked Ed and Molly just purely because they are famous and to increase the audiobook sales. I honestly fear for the future TMI books now.

  2. Stephanie

    Thanks Mina! Glad to know I’m not alone. After listening to the last one, I decided that the next two books, I’d just have to read on my own. Looking forward to reading The Infernal Devices too as I’ve heard from some that this series is going to be even better than The Mortal Instruments series. Cassandra Clare is one of my favorite authors now.

    • Mina Blak

      No problem Stephanie 🙂 I’d done a few CoFA audiobook reviews and while some people agreed, others were like “oh, don’t know what you mean, I really loved it, blah, blah…” and it made me want to tear my hair out LOL. So I’m just as glad that I’m not alone. Yes, you should definitely read Infernal Devices – it’s a great series! Clockwork Angel is out and Clockwork Prince will be on Sept 6th. Cassie Clare is so amazing and is my favourite author ever. I prefer TMI to ID though, but that’s purely because I fell in love with TMI first, and maybe also coz I read more books from that series. Clockwork Prince is looking like it’s going to be epic, so I’m very much looking forward to it. :)))

  3. Lizzy

    I couldn’t disagree with you more. I also prefer to read books on my own but I like to listen yo audiobooks when I’m working, but this audiobook is just horrible and tedious. I listened to the other three books in less than a week and mostly enjoyed the narrator, but this is just dreadful. Ed westwick nearly puts me to sleep and the way he deliveres Jace lines lacks any charm or cockiness Jace has it is just so flat. I don’t mind hownhe does Simon too much but Kyle is terrible.

    As for Quinn she falls flat and I do not think that she does a goof job of capturing Clary.

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