Exclusive Guest Blog from Amanda Bell, Divergent Examiner

It’s been an exciting debut month for Divergent by Veronica Roth. After hitting store shelves earlier this month, it was featured as our book of the month, has hit the NYT Bestseller’s list three weeks in a row, AND got its own column on Examiner.com. The brain behind the Divergent Examiner is none other than our good friend, Amanda Bell — who’s been rocking the Examiner world for a while now as the Twilight Examiner. We’ve always loved Amanda’s extensive coverage, and we’re so excited to see her now following Divergent. We’re delighted to offer a bonus Divergent post today, in the form of a guest blog from Amanda!

*          *           *

The first time I started to read Divergent, I expected a lot from it. The caliber of praise surrounding the book set the bar pretty high. It seemed like every book-lover I knew was thumbs-upping Divergent, and, of course, the film rights were picked up right away by Twilight film studio Summit Entertainment. (Disclaimer: That last bit intrigued me, especially, because of my work on the Twilight Examiner column.)

Fortunately, though, Divergent didn’t disappoint; in fact, it well exceeded my expectations. What came off as the story of a girl’s critical choice between futuristic factions was actually an exciting, action-packed foray into the world of bravery, both real and false.

I was sure right away our girl “Tris” was someone worth admiring, this was a story I’d happily follow into a full trilogy, and that I wanted to see a fan base evolve around this new series. So, I started up the Divergent Examiner page. Already, it’s been too much fun: fan-casting the characters, watching Divergent hang tough on the New York Times’ Bestseller List, smiling when people I know become hooked on the story . . .

Books are often the start of something. Sometimes, it’s a well-rounded career for an author; very rarely, it’s a major motion picture franchise; and even rarer still, books can be the beginning of a great community of fans. I have a feeling Divergent is a first breath for all three.

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