Chick Lit Review: Hotel No Tell by Daphne Uviller

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Equal parts dynamic detective tale and deliciously entertaining Chick Lit treat, Daphne Uviller’s Hotel No Tell is the story of a brilliant, yet bumbling NYC junior detective who exudes all of the wit and charm of the book’s title.

You may find yourself more drawn to the perks and pitfalls of Zephyr Zuckerman’s personal life: her newly single status due to a kaput relationship with the love of her life (he wants kids, she doesn’t), and a colorful group of girlfriends who provide Zephyr with plenty of excitement outside of her already exciting professional adventures – all divulged with her shockingly realistic and hysterical stream-of-consciousness storytelling. Or, you may find yourself more engaged with the suspense of a money laundering/attempted murder case Zephyr has been assigned to – her first undercover investigation.

Whether it’s her detective dealings as an incognito concierge at a hotel, or her utterly relatable insecurities as a woman who’s not truly over her ex, but not truly sold on the idea of having kids with him or with anyone, it’s hard not to find a friend, or just pieces of yourself in Zephyr.

Her approach to solving the case, clumsy as it may be, is essentially the same approach she applies to solving her life’s most confounding problems. Zephyr follows her heart, allowing her gut instinct to guide her through her investigations – both personal and professional.

Hotel No Tell will leave you wondering what trouble Zephyr will find herself tumbling into next, and how the heck she’ll manage to find her way out of it – relatively unscathed. Hopefully Ms. Uviller will give us much more where that came from!


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