Book Review: Blood Red Road by Moira Young

When it comes to YA dystopian literature, The Hunger Games pretty much set the bar. Blood Red Road by Moira Young may have just raised that bar.

Absolutely stunning & completely original, Blood Red Road stands out from the many dystopian titles hitting shelves these days. It tells the story of 18-year-old Saba, who sets out across the wasteland of her world to find her twin brother, Lugh, when he is kidnapped by four mysterious men. All their lives, Lugh has been the one to lead, and Saba has been the one to follow. But without Lugh to guide her, Saba learns a lot about herself — and what she’s capable of, all while facing brutal violence, a seemingly impossible journey, and her own inner demons.

Saba is an imperfect character, but in a perfect way. Young has created someone wholly realistic, with flaws that are genuine and relatable. Yet Saba is not a static character;  she changes and grows and matures in a way that feels natural with the progression of events throughout Blood Red Road.

Saba is surrounded by an engaging cast of characters who help to flesh out the story, as well as populate this harsh futuristic world with warmth and color. The characters that Saba encounters not only change her — but are changed by her. They all interact in a way that just feels familiar, even if the setting and the situations they are faced with are so foreign to most readers.

But what readers will notice first when they pick up Blood Red Road is its unique voice. Young writes with a simplistic and stark style that is at first jarring, but only at first. Readers will soon find themselves easily slipping into the cadence of Saba’s narrative voice. The colloquial spellings and lack of quotation marks suddenly become non-issues; this is simply Saba’s voice, and it pulls you into the story in such a way that you feel immersed in Saba’s world.

Blood Red Road has it all: a compelling story, an engaging cast of characters, a unique voice, a beautifully stark writing style and bloody violent action that drives the plot forward. This is fiction in its finest, most perfect form. I can’t wait to see what this author does next.

Blood Red Road hits stores next Tuesday, June 7th.

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