Guest Blog: The Divergent Trilogy Fan Site

Today, we’ve got a very fun guest post from the folks behind the Divergent Trilogy Fansite! If you’ve been enjoying our Book of the Month, be sure to check them out for even more!

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I would love to say that Divergent came to from another blogger or just landed on my doorstep from Harper, but that’s not the case.  Back in January I googled – “What’s hot in YA, 2011”, and Divergentwas on the list.  After reading the synopsis I reached out to my friends at Harper and received a copy the next day.Divergent arrived on a Friday, I spend Saturday reading and avoiding everyone.  I was hooked from the first paragraph until the last and totally in lust with Four.  But who isn’t, right?

The Divergent Trilogy website came along after a few more friends picked up the book at my urging.  We each kept going over the ‘train’ scene and the mention was made on how a website dedicated to the ‘train’ should be made.  We took it one step further and created the website.

We’ve worked closely with Harper and Roth’s agent making sure everything is exactly how they want it.  Since the launching of The Divergent Trilogy website, the community has gained a Divergent Examiner which we gladly host an rss feed for.

We have many events planned for the site and are very excited to be part of Novel Novice’s book of the month club.  Our team is small but always welcoming more bloggers so stop by and let us know if you are interested, we’d love to have you.

Now let’s countdown to book two … I know I can’t wait!

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