Divergent by Veronica Roth: Can you spot the influences?

Most books have multiple influences, whether the author is conscious of them or not. In Divergent, a number of them jumped out at us here at Novel Novice. Here are the main ones:

  • “The Matrix”: In Divergent, each faction member must take an aptitude test. Here’s how Beatrice describes the apparatus:

In the center of the room is a reclined chair, like a dentist’s, with a machine next to it. It looks like a place where terrible things happen.” –pp.11-12


  • “Fight Club”: In their second day in the headquarters, Dauntless initiates must learn to fight. They practice on each other, and they don’t stop until someone is unconscious. (There’s also the over-the-chasm scene that’s similar to the soap scene in “Fight Club.”)

She punches, and Christina moves her head out of the way, but Molly just punches again, and again, until her fist hits Christina’s jaw, her nose, her mouth …. Blood runs down the side of Christina’s face and splatters on the ground next to her cheek.” — p. 98


  • 1984 by George Orwell: Initiates in Divergent must pick a faction, similar to the Ministries in 1984. Worse, the main characters in both are presented with their greatest fears in the fear landscape. Tris faces hers in simulations, but Winston Smith literally takes his in the face.


 For the comments: What other influences did you see in Divergent?

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