Review: Fifties Chix: Travel to Tomorrow by Angela Sage Larsen

In Fifties Chix: Travel to Tomorrow, five girls — Beverly, Mary, Judy, Ann and Maxine — are all different teenagers from the 1950’s, and have nothing in common. But when they get paired up for a future project in class, they come together a little bit. One morning Beverly, Mary, Judy, Ann, and Maxine wake up like normal, but realize everything and everybody has moved ahead 5o years! The problem? They still dress, talk and act like people from the 50’s, and even their parents don’t understand! Soon, changes come up, like Maxine realizes African American people are treated equally now, and is extremely happy, considering no one was very kind to her family in the 5o’s because they were African American. Suddenly, the girls are so confused they start fighting and blaming and getting into their boy problems. Will they ever get back to their time? Does it seem like they will ever be best friends again? Or will they just have to survive as Fifties Chix in a new world?

I liked this book! It had some very good qualities to the book that made it memorable and fun to read. For example, the author knew how they would sound back then, and how they would look, too. The fights were intense, the funny parts made you laugh, and the serious, I-am-not-joking parts made you stick your nose in that book ’till it was done. Not only did the author write like she knew the 5o’s by heart, she also did a great job writing about the parts in the future. It was like you could just step into the book. Pretty cool!

My favorite character in this book was Ann. She is shy, quiet, and loves art. She kind of reminds me of me! So when there was a fight over James O’Grady, I rooted for Ann. I also liked Maxine, because  she didn’t get a lot of big chances to shine in the book. I wish she did, because she was an awesome character, I think. I like Ann for that reason, too.

Overall, let’s just say if there was a sequel, I would buy it. It was a great read for me, I think. I enjoyed the book a lot, and I hope whoever reads it will, just like me, step inside the book.

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