A round-up of the latest Novel Novice contest winners

It’s time to announce some recent contest winners here at Novel Novice. For the latest contests, check out our sidebar!

Abandon by Meg Cabot – Book & Bracelet Giveaway

The winner is … Lucrecea H., who wrote about her favorite myth:

I think mine is Persophone and Hades.  They are starcrosed lovers,  they have to make concessions to be together…..  Its a great love story!!!


Juniper Berry by M.P. Kozlowsky – Book Giveaway

Thanks to our friends at Walden Pond Press, we hosted a giveaway for Juniper Berry, a great new Middle Grade book!

The winner is … Shirley B.


Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley – Writing Contest

To celebrate the release of Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley, we asked you to write about a time when you were given a second chance. The following 3 winners will each receive a signed copy of the book, courtesy of Simon & Schuster!

Winner #1: Cherry B.

It was a spring day in April of 1957.  Albert and his wife Joyce sat in the office of the petite Agnes Henderson to apply for adoption. She explained what would be needed. Mrs. Henderson explained to them that this would take up to two years to process the paperwork.  They were disappointed to hear the words two years but, they knew that one day God would send them a child.  The couple made their way back to their home in the north end of the state just as another part of the story was unfolding in the southern part of the state.

A twenty-one year old daughter of a Baptist preacher in rural South Louisiana had found herself in a situation that she knew of only one way to handle. A single girl who will remain anonymous lived and worked thirty-five miles away from her parent’s home. Somehow she managed to hide her pregnancy from her strict father and mother. She worked in the courthouse for the parish. She also sat in an office that spring and signed papers. May 13, 1957 a daughter was born to the single young lady. A child was the last thing that she wanted at that time in her life.

All documents had come in for Albert and Joyce and the recommendations were astounding.  Due to the fact that the birth mother had access to the records her daughter was not put into the system.  You can imagine the surprise when the call came in on October 14th to come to Baton Rouge to meet their new daughter. My second chance on life had been created. On October 15th at the age of five months I was in the arms of the most loving parents anyone could imagine.

Winner #2: Linda D.

I was given my second chance in middle school. I had just started a new school and was in the process of making new friends and trying to learn my way around my school. I was put in the intensive classes (for “challenged” students). The teachers soon learned it was too easy for me and I got it done in half the time it was supposed to be done. I had never been smart in elementary school and always had average test scores. I was made for an average life with average people. My math teacher saw different. She got me advanced classes and a completely different schedule.  Making more new friends and adjusting to even more classes was tough but it was more than worth it. She had given me my second chance, something my parents never got and my old friends probably never will. I still talk to them but their work ethic and inability to actually care made it hard to connect. I learned I didn’t want an average life, it wasn’t my reason in life and I’m thankful everyday that my teacher saw that in me.

Winner #3: Aurora M.

I was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago and had to endure a couple of scary and painful surgery’s but tomorrow is my final and hopefully last oncology visit! Yeah! Being Cancer free has lifted a huge wait off my shoulders and has giving me that “second chance” you speak of. Enjoy life, live your dreams and remember that being kind and showing love not only makes those around us happy it also allows you to accept and love yourself! Everyone should get a second chance to appreciate life.

Congrats once again to ALL our winners!

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