Book Review: Chasing AllieCat by Rebecca Fielland Davis


Dumped with relatives in a small Minnesota town for the summer, Sadie Lester is relying on her mountain bike to save her from total boredom. Then she meets Allie, a spiky-haired off-road mountain biker who’s training for a major race. Allie leads Sadie and Joe, a cute fellow cyclist, up and down Mount Kato, and the three become close friends. But the exhilarating rush comes to a halt when they find a priest in the woods, badly beaten and near death. After calling for help, Allie disappears from their lives.

As they search for Allie and try to find out why she left so suddenly, Sadie and Joe discover more about Allie’s past, including her connection to the priest. Only on the day of the big race does Sadie finally learn the complete, startling truth about Allie—and the terrible secret that forced her into hiding.

Review: Never judge a book by its cover. While combing through my ever-growing stack or ARCS, I tended to pass over Davis’ novel thinking it wouldn’t be my thing…I’d get to it eventually. Turns out, I was depriving myself of quite a read.

Filled with adventure, a slew of authentic side characters, and a setting that comes alive, Chasing AllieCat is a quick, enjoyable read. I really couldn’t put it down. I’m not really an outdoor person, so the prospect of reading about a cyclist didn’t sound appealing. This book  is so much more.

Davis does a wonderful job of building tension.  While I didn’t have a particularly hard time guessing the mystery, Davis kept me enthralled. Her descriptions of the town are so artfully constructed they add a whole other level to the intrigue and suspense of this novel.

While I didn’t completely fall for the love story of the novel, I found the characters to each be interesting on their own. AND I want to know what happens next. Sure, Davis weaves a satisfying ending, but I want to know more. I’m not ready to end my time with this story or town. If that’s not a sign of a good book, I don’t know what is.

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